4 Tips to identify genuine Lifud drivers

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4 Tips to identify genuine Lifud drivers

As a well-known brand in the lighting LED driver industry, Lifud operates with integrity, responsibility and dedication, produces high-quality and high-performance products for the market with craftsmanship. However, while Lifud insisted on maintaining the corporate brand growth step by step with reputation products, some unscrupulous merchants took advantage of opportunities and produced fake and inferior products to imitate Lifud drivers, which disrupted the market and harmed the interests of merchants and consumers. Therefore, here you can learn to identify genuine Lifud drivers by the following 4 points.


I. Compare product appearance and silkscreen through the specification on the official website


Under normal circumstances, the genuine Lifud drivers in small batch retail should be Lifud standard products with the silkscreen of Lifud logo (some of the casing will have gravure or embossed logo) and a series of certification marks which should be consistent with the product specifications on Lifud official website. Therefore you can check the corresponding product specification for verification on the website (www.lifud.com / www.ledfriend.com).



Searching Method


①Enter the product model number on the home page→②Select the corresponding “product” in the searching results→③Download the corresponding specification in the specification section of the product details page→④Compare the product pictures and nameplates in the document.



II. Observe the internal PCB


In addition to the appearance of the Lifud logo, the internal PCB of Lifud genuine driver will also be printed with Lifud logo, and also have the same product model as the exterior casing, as shown below.



III. Observe the internal components


Genuine Lifud drivers are all certified reputation drivers. In order to achieve better performance and minimize the volume, the general PCB components layout is more abundant. What’s more, the model codes starting with the “LF-” prefix are also printed on the core component transformer of the driver.



IV. Check the product code


Genuine Lifud driver casing (generally in the product bottom casing) silkscreen has 3 strings of regular digital code, which can be traced back to its detailed production within Lifud. If you still have doubts about the authenticity of the product through the above identification, you can send the code to the backstage of Lifud official WeChat Account for the authenticity of the product.



Finally, in order to protect your use and after-sales service experience, it is recommended to choose the following Lifud formal purchasing channels:


①Factory direct-sale


You can directly contact Lifud sales for purchasing through the official website (www.lifud.com), WeChat official account (莱福德电源), official WeChat (Lifud-2007).


②Direct-sale store


Currently, Lifud direct-sale store is only located in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province. Add: C121, Global Lighting City.


③Global distributors/agents


Lifud official cooperative distributors/agents have the authorization certificate provided by Lifud. You can ask for the authorization certificate to prove the authenticity of the products.