The secret "magic" of smart city street lights: Zhaga-D4i driver with data feedback function!

A D4i street light driver that makes city management easier! A Zhaga standard driver that makes light fixture design easier! A driver with an 8-year warranty that makes terminal use more secure! LF-ACDxxx (40-165W), Lifud first Zhaga-standard 8-year warranty D4i data feedback outdoor driver, is the preferred street light driver for smart urban street lighting!


4-shifts DIP switch for easier stocking | Hot-seller for panel light GIF-YS Pro !

You would be quite familiar with Lifud GIF-YS flicker-free series if you sell panel light because this classic hot-seller of EU-standard panel light driver with annual sales of more than 8 million sets has excellent performance and quality assurance and is repeatedly purchased by customers around the world!


Ultra-thin·All-round Champion | Pioneered DALI Dimmable NFC LED Driver with CCT change in 3 shifts

Lifud new non-isolated linear DALI dimmable NFC driver - "Ultra-thin&All-round Champion" FSD series can easily help you solve the above problems with the following features: Pioneered CCT change in 3-DIP, 16mm housing height, corridorDIM, CLO, EL, data management functions, and NFC parameter offline programmable functions, helping create all-round linear lights/tri-proof lights. Excellent performance of Ta60℃, 95%  efficiency, dimming of without afterglow, and flicker free ensures quality lighting!


Lifud Best DALI-2 Driver——Top-level · Programmable

Lifud BDD series, bringing together multiple advanced features with its parameters fully programmable, is Lifud latest compact internal and external DALI-2 driver that meets ZHAGA standard.


Congratulations to Lifud for winning the Intelligent Lighting Outstanding Case Demonstration Award!

As a well-known award in the field of smart lighting, the "Light of Wisdom Trophy" aims to commend companies that have made outstanding contributions to promoting the development of the smart lighting industry, and to encourage cross-border cooperation and innovation among lighting companies to help the integrated development of the smart lighting industry. At the conference, Lifud's smart project case "Pattaya Grand Center Point Space Hotel" won the 2023 Intelligent Lighting Outstanding Case Demonstration Award!


Congratulations to Lifud for winning the title of “Excellent Brand”!

At the event, Lifud stood out among over 600 enterprises and won the 2023 Excellent Brand due to its excellent comprehensive evaluation of leading technological innovation, reliable product quality and excellent market sales performance!


The first lecture in 2024! New technology·New business·New life!

On January 5, the first DALI Technology Forum in 2024 "Smart + Health: Summary of 2023 & Outlook for 2024" hosted by the DALI Alliance China Focus Group came to a successful conclusion at Dayhello International Hotel in Shenzhen. Focusing on the four major sections including the integration and innovation of DALI technology, case sharing, testing and certification and troubleshooting, this event invited leading companies in the industry to share topics above, which has brought together many intelligent lighting professionals and technical scholars to discuss the collaborative development of intelligent technology and health applications.


Goodbye 2023, ready to go in 2024——Hello, Future!

Looking ahead to 2024 we are determined to forge ahead and start again with an empty cup mentality. Lifud insists on customer-centeredness with integrity, responsibility and dedication and keeps creating value for customers through technology, quality and service.


“Drive Forward” Lifud intelligent products exchange at the end of 2023 concluded successfully!

On Dec 29, 2023, jointly organized by Lifud and Chaojin Lighting, Lifud intelligent products exchange in Shenzhen with the theme of “Drive Forward” was grandly held at the Shenzhen Anthea Hotel. Lifud made introductions from four parts of market, product, brand and application to help engineering companies and distributors have clearer and broader ideas about the intelligent products, preparing for the development of intelligent products business and the achievement of “transcend the past and embrace a better future” in 2024.


Lifud Honor | Lifud crowned to be one of the Top 3 intelligent driver brands in China with 2 grand awards

Lifud once again stood out from many companies and won the “Lightdot Award-Top 10 Intelligent Driver Brand in Chinese Lighting Industry” under the witness of the government, industry experts, excellent manufacturers and authoritative media and other guests.

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