Brand Interpretation


About Naming

“It is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar.” The English name "LIFUD" is taken from "LED friend", which means that LIFUD will become a reliable and trustworthy "friend" for upstream suppliers, downstream customers and even end users of LED products. The Chinese name "莱福德" is derived from the same sound in English, while the word "莱(lai)" means Penglai, a fairyland with a long history in China, which implies goodness, luck and virtue. This means that Lifud will adhere to the traditional Chinese virtues of steadfastness and hard work to bring valuable products and services to friends around the world.

About Designing

● "LIFUD" uses dark blue as the main color, representing "technology" and always reminding LIFUD employees of their corporate mission of "committed to technological innovation, improving human living environment and the quality of life."

● Lifud uses silver grey as the auxiliary color to represent Lifud’s core value of “insisting on customer-centeredness with integrity, responsibility and dedication”, which means that Lifud will adhere to the dependable attitude to provide “quality” products to the market.

● In terms of styling, green sunflowers are used instead of "·" on the i, which represents Lifud's vision of "making energy more efficient and cleaner" and achieving sustainable development of a green environment; it also represents the vibrant spiritual outlook of Lifud employees, reminding us to always "serve" customers in the best possible way.

● The strokes of the letters are light horizontally and heavy vertically, round on the outside and square on the inside. They are in line with the essence of Chinese calligraphy art and the top wisdom of the East. They are calm and sincere, representing China and driving the world.

● Adhering to the core value of “insisting on customer-centeredness with integrity, responsibility and dedication”, the cooperation concept of “one should treat others as one would like to be treated”, the mission of “committed to technological innovation, improving human living environment and the quality of life” and the vision of “make energy more efficient and cleaner”, Lifud hopes to become an enterprise with “high-end quality, leading technology and excellent service”, and be the most reliable friend of all people in the LED industry.

Brand Core Values


Technology: adhere to technological innovation for developing competitive products

● Cooperate with Fuzhou University to work on frontier research projects in the field of electronic technology

● Independently design two-in-one master chips, DDM01 dimming chips, etc.

●  Established the second R&D center in Chengdu to specialize in intelligent system technology

● Theoretical research + application innovation + supply chain integration to continually support technological innovation

● Invested millions of CNY for new equipment to build environment / safety-standard / EMC / intelligent system testing labs

● Magnetic integration technique—the revolutionary and innovative patent leads the world, and the developed products won the Best Product Award of LpS Digital


Quality: meticulous design + rigorous test + strict management + sophisticated equipment

● Brought in the IPD management system 

● BCA+PD+EVT+DVT+PVT conducted design review and test verification at each stage: 100+ testing items

● Double tests of accelerating the lifetime of the LED driver—80℃ 2000 hrs burn-in test and "double 85“ test

● All the core components are supplied by famous brands

● Automated production processes such as SMT, AI, potting, burn-in and so on to ensure the consistency of LED driver’s quality

● AOI and ATE automatic testing systems are fully applied to ensure manual inspection tests.

● The burn-in test for all the LED drivers of Lifud to ensure the reliability


Service: customized service to achieve 100% satisfaction

● Provide VIP clients with professional and customized service

● Established overseas service outlets to solve after-sales problems on the site

● Cooperate with clients in business public relations and assist them in obtaining orders

● Arranged reliable direct selling service team and FAE technical team in each region of China to response to the demands of customers in China within 24 hours

● Various LED driver models, sufficient stock of finished drivers, spot sales

● Customize for different clients