LF-FMRxxxYSIII Non-isolated LED Driver

11-120W, AC220-240V, flicker free, EL certified, 94% high efficiency, IP20

LF-FMDxxxPA PWM Dimmable LED Driver

34-80W, matches radar, light sensor modul, 94% high efficiency, IP20

LF-GMDxxxYM 0-10V/PWM Dimmable LED Driver

19-65W, flicker free, 0-10V/PWM dimmable, dim to off, 12V AUX output, IP20

LF-FSDxxxYA Non-isolated DALI DT6 Dimmable LED Driver

18-150W, AC220-240V, DALI or PUSH dimmable, adjustable output current, constant lumen output, flicker free, IP20

LF-GSDxxxYE DALI-2 DT6 Dimmable LED Driver

4-80W, AC220-240V, DALI or PUSH dimmable, 0.1% dimming depth, flicker free, IP20

LF-GLDxxxYE 0-10V/PWM/Rx Dimmable LED Driver

11-80W, AC220-240V, flicker free, 0-10V/PWM/Rx dimmable, IP20

LF-GLDxxxYS AC100-277V 3-in-1 Dimming LED Driver

11-65W, AC220-240V, flicker free, 0-10V/PWM/Rx dimmable, DLC5.2 standard

LF-GLDxxxYI Backlit Panel Light LED Driver

13-55W, AC100-277V, DC120-347V, flicker free, 0-10V/PWM/Rx dimmable, CCT + current adjustable via DIP switch

LF-GSP012YH CP Emergency LED Driver (with an independent battery)

5/7/10/12W, flicker free, independent battery, constant power, the LED driver is assembled inside the light fixture

LF-GSPxxxYG CP Emergency LED Driver (with a built-in battery)

5/7/10/12W, flicker free, built-in battery, constant power, the LED driver is assembled outside the light fixture
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