LF-ACDxxxA/B/C Built-in Outdoor D4i NFC LED Driver

10-165W, 220-240Vac, DALI/D4i/On/off versions available, IP20, flicker free

LF-FCA/FCCxxx 120-347Vac Linear Non-isolated LED Driver

70-320W, flicker free, output current adjustable via potentiometer, dim to off, IP54

LF-FAA/FAB/FACxxx Non-isolated Flicker Free Linear LED Driver

65-320W, flicker free, adjustable CCT and power, independently-developed light sensor (optional), 12V AUX wire, IP54

LF-FBA/FBB/FBCxxx Non-isolated Linear LED Driver

85-150W, adjustable current via a potentiometer, 12V AUX wire, 93% high efficiency, IP54

LF-FDA/FDB/FDCxxx IP67 Linear Non-isolated LED Driver

100-320W, flicker free, adjustable CCT and power, 12V AUX wire, IP67

LF-GOExxxYH DALI-2 Outdoor LED Driver

60-320W, flicker free, DALI2.0 standard, 95% high efficiency, 12V AUX power supply, IP67

LF-KAN400-16700-24 CV KAN Rain-proof LED Driver

360-400W, flicker free, semi-glue potting design, natural cooling, adjustable output current, IP42

LF-GOExxxYE/YF CC Outdoor LED Driver

30-320W, flicker free, 2 versions, 95% high efficiency, adjustable output current, IP67

LF-GOExxxYF(E)/YE(E) CP Outdoor LED Driver

25-100W, 2 versions, 90% high efficiency, constant current output, IP67

LF-GOExxxYV CV Waterproof LED Driver

50-250W, flicker free, 93% high efficiency, adjustable output current, IP67
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