Why Magnetic Light So Popular? What Features Lifud Magnetic Light LED Driver Families Have?

Why younger people are partial to magnetic light among various light fixtures? What kind of "magic" does it have? What about Lifud magnetic light LED driver?

Why is magnetic light favored by many young people and store owners?

Compared with other lights, magnetic light has an advantage catering to the individuation of young people and product mobility inside the store—DIY and flexibility.



Magnetic light is of great safety in our daily life, its low voltage enables non-professional younger users to directly touch it without any danger. Besides, the assemblies of magnetic light match for different light fixtures such as down light, spot light, grille light, flood light, ceiling light and so on. More importantly, magnetic light can move flexibly along its track and is AUX tool free during its assembly, which means that it can be used to meet the lighting needs at different times and in different spaces:



What features do Lifud magnetic LED driver families have?


Different versions in different dimming modes for one-stop purchase

Lifud magnetic light LED driver families have 6 versions in different dimming modes to meet clients’ diverse needs: non-dimmable version, 0-10V dimming version, Triac dimming version, DALI DT6 version, DALI DT8 version and Zigbee dimming version.



Adjustable current via a DIP switch for convenient inventory

Every version has 2 models, including 16W version and 28W version and 2 output current ranges: 100-400mA and 350-700mA (every 50mA as a step). What’s more, their output power ranges from 5W to 28W and output voltage ranges from 9V to 42V.


Parameters of Lifud magnetic light LED driver families



Adjustable DIP switch of Lifud Zigbee dimmable magnetic light LED driver




Unified size and suitable for STUCCHI housing to realize wider applications

All models of Lifud magnetic LED driver have the same dimension (L*H*W=125*13.8*10mm) with bare board design. And they are suitable for standard STUCCHI housing and even other ultra-narrow housings.


Dimension of Lifud magnetic light LED driver and STUCCHI housing


Enabling Healthy and soft light

Lifud magnetic light LED driver has smooth dimming effect, flicker-free effect and 0.1% dimming depth to meet the requirements of younger people on high-end light.


Safe low voltage to match for multiple light fixtures on the market

The input voltage of Lifud magnetic light LED driver ranges from 45Vdc to 51Vdc, which is of great safety during its assembly; its output voltage ranges from 9V to 42V, which enables it to match for different types of magnetic light fixtures.



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