2022 Alighting Award—One and Only Top 100 Intelligent Classroom Lighting LED Driver Enterprise

Congratulations on Lifud being awarded by Alighting as the only Top 100 intelligent classroom light LED driver enterprise!

In 2022, there are 100 intelligence-led enterprises awarded by Alighting, and it takes 206 professionals almost half a year to select these Top 100 intelligent ecological enterprises that are aimed at providing excellent solutions to commercial lighting, hospitality lighting, classroom lighting and residential lighting scenes.


Lifud—one and only LED driver enterprise awarded by Alighting among classroom lighting brands


Whether in the typical classroom lighting field or the intelligent classroom lighting filed, Lifud has always been insisting on digging out pain points towards LED drivers’ different applications. With the attitude to the professional research and development on its own products, Lifud has launched various classroom lighting LED drivers to strongly help its clients with their bidding on several large projects. Owing to the trust and support from clients in the classroom lighting field, Lifud is crowned as the only classroom lighting LED driver enterprise that attains the 2022 Alighting Award among its competitors.  


Lifud intelligent classroom lighting solutions


Some Lifud classroom lighting projects



Need classroom lighting LED driver, choose Lifud!

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