New Product: Mini Size 25mm Oblique Diameter LED Driver

In June, Lifud has launched its new mini size LED driver with only 25mm oblique diameter that can be used in 90% or above mini-sized light fixtures on the market.

With the rise of no main lamp lighting and other types of lighting that are aimed at creating different atmospheres, the demand for mini size light fixtures applied in various lighting scenes such as cabinet, ceiling and so on has been increasing.


Mini size down lights applied in cabinet, ceiling, etc.



These mini light fixtures show us the nexus between the design of light fixture manufacturers on the structures of light fixtures and the design of LED driver manufacturers on the integrated circuits of LED drivers. For example, when we choose a mini size light fixture with a 30mm oblique diameter to decorate the ceiling, its oblique diameter is so big that it cannot be put into the interior of the ceiling through the hole on the ceiling, and the following steps would fail to be carried out.


Mini size down lights installed through holes on the ceiling



In order to solve the above problem, Lifud has recently launched a mini size LED driver LF-GIRxxxYSII with only 25mm oblique diameter. And this LED driver can be used in 90% or above mini-sized light fixtures on the market. Besides, it complies with the latest ErP standard and harmonic current emissions standard and has various certifications around the world.


Contrast between LF-GIRxxxYSII and¥1 coin (its diameter: 25mm)



Compared with common low power LED drivers on the market whose end caps for wiring are removed to reduce their volumes, LF-GIRxxxYSII not only can be installed through mini size holes, but has end caps left for convenient wiring on both sides of LED driver.  


Terminal of 3W LED driver & terminal of 7W LED driver



LF-GIRxxxYSII is mainly applied in mini-sized low power down light, spot light, wall light, etc. What’s more, its output power ranges from 1W to 7W, and its output current is optional from 70mA to 700mA, which is beneficial to help clients in fields such as jewelry, residence, commerce and so on with key lighting and atmosphere lighting.



Product features:

Mini size (3W LED driver can go through 2.5cm diameter hole)

Various power options from 1W to 7W and current options from 70 to 700mA

End caps on both sides of LED driver for convenient wiring

Conforms to the latest ErP and harmonic current emissions standards

All-round protections: short circuit protection and open circuit protection

Customized potting version with built-in and external assembly (optional)


Warranty: 5 years


Certifications: CE, CB, RCM, SAA and CCC


Product parameters:



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