Notice on Lifud 2 New Feedback Channels

In order to provide every client with better service, Lifud has set up 2 new feedback or complaint channels on its WeChat official account!

Dear Lifud clients,

Time flies as an arrow. Over the past 15 years, Lifud has always been customer-centered through its continuous improvement on technology, quality and service. And the achievement made by Lifud should be attributed to the trust and support from all of its clients.


Actions speak louder than promises. “100% customized service to achieve 100% satisfaction” is not only a slogan, but an orientation. Therefore, in order to provide better service for every client, Lifud has set up two new feedback channels, shown as follows:  


Lifud feedback channel

Original service hotline: 400-096-6815 (domestic); 86-0755-83739228 (overseas)

New feedback email: freya@lifud.com  

New feedback WeChat ID: Lifud-2007


Scope of feedback

The feedback includes (not limited): the service attitude of all staffs in Lifud such as sales professionals, technical personnel and so on, the assistance in project issues, abnormal product orders, the demand for new products, etc.


Clients can check the above new channels from the menu on the homepage of Lifud WeChat official account or from the dialogue box by sending a message like “complaint” or “feedback”.



We’d like to hear the most authentic voice from every client, and our management directories will be responsible for every message you leave because it is our common direction to move forward. Welcome to send your feedback to any of the above two channels.


Lifud Technology Co., Ltd.

June 2, 2022