Hangzhou 350+ Intelligent Classrooms Lighted up by Lifud Drivers

Lifud LED driver has made a new achievement in the field of classroom lighting!

Lifud LED driver LF-GSZ040PC is applied in a new intelligent classroom lighting project!


Is the bidding of classroom lighting project difficult?

Is the installation of intelligent control system difficult?

Is the maintenance of intelligent classroom difficult?


Why not just choosing Lifud brand to solve the above problems?


Clients who have been following Lifud official account for a long time may know that Lifud LED drivers have been applied in thousands of classrooms all over the country, and Lifud has accumulated rich experience on providing excellent customized classroom lighting solutions to the market. That is the reason why Lifud is crowned as the only Top 100 intelligent classroom lighting LED driver enterprise that attains the 2022 Alighting Award.



In this project, more than 4,500 pcs of Lifud LED driver LF-GSZ040PC were applied in 350+ classrooms in Hangzhou such as Qiantang Yunfan Primary School, Xuezheng Middle School, Wenhai Experiment School and so on. And Lifud LED driver LF-GSZ040PC can enable classroom lighting scene setting via one button, which can be customized according to different lighting requirements. In this way, not only can the network be easily installed, but the project delivery can be sped up.



In terms of intelligent classroom light projects, Lifud is in a position to provide clients with various products such as LED driver, mechanical panel, LCD panel, gateway, sensor, curtain motor, APP, cloud platform and so on. Among them, the LED driver can be customized with client’s own control module, and mechanical or LCD panel can enable custom settings to meet diverse needs of different schools.



In addition to intelligent classroom lighting solution, Lifud has 10-year warranty LED driver, IP40 rating LED driver and high energy-efficient LED driver series to help clients with different projects’ bidding.


Need classroom lighting LED driver, choose Lifud!


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