Lifud EU-Standard Commercial Lighting System Solutions

Today Lifud EU-Standard commercial lighting LED drivers are going to show themselves! Why not have a look at it?

As globalization deepens, Lifud commercial lighting LED drivers can be found in various places on the planet, such as Great Hall of the People, Rolls-Royce Domestic Exhibition Hall, Chow Tai Fook/Chow Sang Sang Jewellery, Yadea Outlet, Huawei Mobile Phone Exclusive Store, the New Century Global Center, Taco Cabana in Texas, the Mall in Riga, Latvia, the Gardens Mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and so on.    


Some Lifud LED driver application cases



The above pictures only show us some Lifud spot light and down light LED driver application projects from 2019 to 2021. Since the establishment of Lifud in 2007, Lifud has been dedicated to the research and development of commercial lighting LED drivers. Now as one of the leaders in this industry, Lifud has been concentrating on its product technical quality, continuously updating its existing LED drivers and innovating new ones. Till now, Lifud has provided various valuable commercial lighting solutions to the market.


Lifud product development histories


Today, we are going to share with you Lifud EU-Standard commercial lighting LED drivers which conform to the latest ERP standard and harmonic emissions standard. Similar to panel light solutions, Lifud commercial lighting solutions are divided into 6 modes, including non-dimmable, DALI dimming, 0-10V dimming, Triac dimming, Bluetooth dimming and Zigbee dimming and 15 series.


Some Lifud commercial lighting LED drivers



[Built-in assembly & grille hole for stronger heat dissipation (Ta 55℃) & stabler performance] LF-GIFxxxYFII

(Built-in assembly & semi-glue design & high temperature resistance & longer lifetime) LF-GICxxxYSII  

(Super small size & stable performance & first choice for jewelry lighting, etc. ) LF-GIRxxxYSII

(Hot-sale & high PF) LF-GIFxxxYA

(Affordable & hot-sale) LF-GIRxxxYS


DALI (wired dimming)

As a common dimming mode used in building systems, DALI dimming has features of various dimming types and stable dimming effect. And Lifud DALI DT6 compact size LF-AADxxx series has features of 0.1% dimming depth, smooth dimming and flicker-free dimming effects and multiple certifications.

Moreover, Lifud DALI DT8 CCT dimming LF-GSDxxxYK series also has features of 0.1% dimming depth and smooth dimming effect.


0-10V (wired dimming)

As an affordable dimming mode with loop control, it can be partly used as DALI dimming and suitable for low-cost dimming projects. And Lifud LF-AAAxxx smooth dimming series not only supports 0-10V/PWM/Rx dimming, but has extremely low casing height which is less than 1 Yuan coin’s.


Triac (wired dimming)

It is a popular dimming mode used in old project renovation. And Lifud has three Triac dimming commercial lighting LED drivers: hot-sale & high PF LF-GDExxxYG series (2-30W), high compatibility & 0.1% dimming depth LF-AAT series (4-20W) and high temperature resistance of Ta 65℃ LF-BATxxx series (8-30W).

Moreover, LF-AAT series not only supports leading edge dimming and trail edge dimming, but has high compatibility with various brands such as Siemens, Philips, ABB, Jilai, Yongnuo, CHNT, Bull and so on.   


Bluetooth and Zigbee (wireless dimming)

The Bluetooth dimming and Zigbee dimming LED drivers for commercial lighting (4-20W) and panel lighting (30-50W) have similar dimming advantages:

a. stepless and flicker-free dimming effects

b. can be connected to AMAZON ALEXA, GOOGLE ASSISTANT, TMALL GEINE, DUER, etc. to enable voice control.

c. customized slow startup and gradually varied timing functions

d. compatible with Tuya ecology & simple regional network distribution

e. compact size & high performance & multiple certifications


As one of the leaders in commercial lighting industry, Lifud will never stop its exploration in this field, continuously providing more valuable solutions to the market.


That’s all for today. For more information about Lifud LED drivers, please contact us by +86 (0)755-83739299 or freya@lifud.com.