EU-Standard Panel Light Driver: 12 Series in 6 Modes

Now it's time that Lifud EU-Standard panel light LED driver families show them off!

Last week, we’ve had a rough understanding about Lifud classroom lighting system solutions, and today we are going to share with you Lifud EU-Standard panel light LED driver solutions.


Since the launch of Lifud first panel light LED driver in 2009, Lifud has accumulated 13-year experience on its research and development and is in a position to provide various excellent panel light solutions to our clients.  



12 Series in 6 Modes


Lifud 12 series of EU-Standard panel light LED driver can be segmented into 6 modes: non-dimmable, DALI dimming, 0-10V dimming, Triac dimming, Bluetooth dimming and Zigbee dimming. They have power options ranging from 11W to 60W and basically all of them conform to the latest ERP standard and harmonic current emissions standard.


①4 non-dimmable LED driver series


Marked as “GIF” (indoor flicker-free LED driver series) in their names, they are supreme energy efficiency YA Pro series, 10-year warranty PB series, IP40 rating YAII series and hot-sale YS series, and each of them has its own advantages to be properly applied in different panel lights.


②DALI (CCT) dimming LED driver series


Lifud DALI LED driver families have 2 panel light series with DT6 (dimming) and DT8 (CCT dimming), and DALI DT6 LF-GSDxxxYC series supports 5-in-1 dimming: DALI/Push/0-10V/PWM/Rx dimming and synchronous dimming: 10 LED drivers share only 1 DALI IP address.



Features of these 2 series:


Adjustable current via the DIP switch

Smooth dimming and flicker free

The logarithmic or linear dimming curve is selectable

0.1% dimming depth


Except for DALI LED driver, Lifud has full series of DALI accessories for clients to procure such as bus power supply, dimming panel, light sensor and so on.


③/④0-10V dimming and Triac dimming LED driver series


In terms of panel light application, Lifud Triac and 0-10V dimming drivers have 0.1% dimming depth, built-in MCU and high compatibility with multiple dimmers and dimming systems on the market.



Lifud has tested its driver’s compatibility with many brands on the market, including Siemens, Philips, ABB, Jilai, Yongnuo, CHINT, Bull, etc.. For more videos about the testing effect, please check the column “Product Demo” of our WeChat account.


⑤/⑥4 Bluetooth and Zigbee (CCT) dimming LED driver series


In addition to the above series with wired dimming methods, Lifud panel light LED driver families have 4 wireless dimming series which were developed to adapt to changes in intelligent market, including Bluetooth (CCT) dimming series and Zigbee (CCT) dimming series. All of them are made by the latest dimming technology and have various dimming advantages:



Smooth dimming and flicker free dimming effects

Connected to AMAZON ALEXA, GOOLGE ASSISTANT, TMALL GENIE, DUER, etc. to enable voice control

Customized timing for power-on and gradually varied functions

Compatible with Tuya ecology to simply enable regional network distribution

Compact size, high performance and various certifications


Except for Zigbee dimming LED driver, Lifud has the same full series of Zigbee accessories as DALI such as gateway, dimming panel and so on. What’s more, Lifud Bluetooth and Zigbee dimming LED drivers can be customized based on clients’ different system modules.


That’s all for today, if you have any other product requirements, please leave a message below.


Some Lifud LED driver application cases



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