Lifud Intelligent Classroom Lighting System Solutions

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Since the beginning of 2022, Lifud has received great feedback about Zhoushan classroom and Shanghai intelligent classroom lighting projects.


The projects are mainly concentrated in Shanghai Changning District. The renovated schools are Tianshan Junior High School, Tianshan No. 2 Primary School, Changning Campus of Yan’an Junior High School, Zhaohua Road Campus of Yan’an Junior High School, Shanghai Changning District Vocational Technical School, Shanghai No. 3 All-girls Junior High School, etc.


Some intelligent classrooms



Lifud LCD panel and gateway applied in the above classrooms



In this renovation, more than 5,000 pcs of Lifud intelligent LED driver were applied and among which the button marks of LCD panels can be customized according to customers’ different requirements. Moreover, Lifud standard classroom scenes can be replicated with one click, which can not only reduce the difficulty of network distribution but help with meeting end customers’ project requirements on fast delivery of LED driver.



Lifud intelligent classroom solutions


①Lifud Zigbee whole intelligent classroom system solutions



In terms of intelligent classroom lighting project, Lifud can provide customers with one-stop procurement of Zigbee whole system solutions including LED driver, control panel, gateway, sensor, curtain motor, APP, cloud platform, etc.


Lifud Zigbee intelligent classroom solutions


The whole system is not only beneficial to help with achieving classroom’s high efficiency, energy saving, intelligent brightness adjustment, scene control and other functions, but enable remote control debugging, energy consumption statistics, mode adjustment and other functions via the cloud platform.


②Lifud customized LED drivers


Lifud is in a position to customize LED drivers according to customers’ own different dimming control solutions (such as Zigbee or Bluetooth dimmable LED drivers with different control modules).


Lifud other classroom lighting solutions


In addition, Lifud owns other classroom solutions to help clients with bidding such as 10-warranty LED driver series, IP40 rating LED driver series, high energy-efficient LED driver series and so on.  


Some Lifud classroom lighting projects



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