New Product: DALI Non-isolated High Bay LED Driver First to Beckon!

The first new LED driver series of Lifud in 2022—DALI dimmable high bay LED driver is coming!

As a leading supplier in the LED industry, Lifud owns 14-year experience on the research of non-isolated design and 8-year experience on the research of DALI dimming technology, and the total sales volume of UFO high bay light LED driver exceeds 2,000,000 pcs. Based on the above points, Lifud is going to launch its first new DALI-2 non-isolated industrial lighting LED driver in 2022—LF-FHBxxxYK series.  



Why does Lifud launch this LED driver?


We have to start the conversation from the hot-sale DALI waterproof converter LF-SCD010B/C. From the application survey of this converter, we realized that with the popularization of intelligent lighting, the demand of DALI dimmable products applied in the industrial lighting projects is increasing.



In view of this momentum, how to provide clients with more value while meeting their basic needs?


Lifud has made plenty of efforts such as 6 technology reviews, 4 validation stages and 100+ test items, combining the non-isolated design with DALI dimming. Under the market environment that the isolated UFO DALI LED driver occupies a lot, Lifud devoted itself into increasing the efficiency (up to 96%) according to the features of non-isolated circuit and at the same time decreasing the cost.


New year & new product—safe non-isolated design


A supplier with the feature of 3 “c”s, including careful design, committed production and considerate service is in a position to provide the market with high performance, high quality products and procurement services.



Application scenes



Industrial lighting like high bay light, etc.


Need driver, choose Lifud!


In terms of DALI technology research, since Lifud launched its first DALI LED driver, which meant to become one of the earliest domestic members of DALI families in 2014, it has been continuously developing new DALI products, providing nearly 100 DALI LED drivers with various power and model options for the market.


In the application of non-isolated LED driver, from the initiative non-isolated tube light LED driver to the non-isolated high-power LED driver, Lifud has been committed to the customer demand-oriented, innovating in the application of non-isolated LED driver to provide more high-quality products for the market.


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