Hello 2022! Don't Forget You Have a 2021 Summary Report to Check...

Lifud 2021 summary report is coming!


Light travels like an arrow, and time like a shuttle. Now it’s time to look back to the whole year of 2021.

“Lifud 2021 event” is the annual meeting between Lifud and its clients, which not only carries the memories of 2021, but also a commitment and responsibility to all clients.


Better Product—the upgrade and new release of 13 series of LED drivers

In order to adapt to changes in the market, Lifud has upgraded 5 series of commercial lighting LED drivers and high power LED drivers. For the new release ones, Lifud has improved 5 product lines of the intelligent dimmable LED driver families and launched 3 series of high power LED drivers, which means that the clients can enjoy the one-stop procurement service. Please look forward to the next issue of “2021 Lifud new LED driver summary”.


The collection of new LED drivers in 2021



Superior Service—the all-round support to the technical strength development of distributors and project contractors


In order to fully support our distributors to expand market information and enhance professional knowledge, Lifud has organized 14 training activities in Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Jiaxing, Chengdu, Shenyang, Xi’an, Beijing, Guiyang, Liaoning, Kunming and other cities across the whole country.


Some scene pictures of distributor training activities



Bidding Support—helping the bidding of clients with application experience of large projects


Lifud LED drivers are applied in various areas such as classrooms, supermarkets, subways, hotels, factories, streets and so on. Among them, nearly 10,000 classrooms and dozens of large projects, chain stores, etc all over the country have been lighted up by Lifud LED drivers, which provides favorable project endorsement for clients’ bidding.


The collection of some projects



On-site Experiencedemonstrating for clients in different regions during national exhibitions


In 2021, Lifud has participated in 13 subdivision forums and industry events, providing clients in each region with on-site demonstration experience. And in the exchange of activities, Lifud has been insisting on deeply digging out customers’ pain points, improving products’ performance to enhance the competitiveness of its LED drivers.


Part of the exhibition forum activities



Industry Recognition— the compilation and publishment of 4 group standards and the honor of National Small Giant Enterprise”


In 2021, Lifud was invited to draft and compile 7 group or industry standards (4 ones have been officially released and implemented), which promotes the unified development of the industry. Besides, Lifud won many honorary titles such as the National “Specialized, Fine, Unique and Innovative”Small Giant Enterprise, Guangdong Engineering Technology Center, China Lighting Industry “Top Ten Lighting Supply Chain Brands” and so on.


standard release & honor collection



Talent Construction—continuously improving the organizational culture construction and the cultivation of talents


In 2021, Lifud has fully introduced the IPD process and organized training items for all staffs in R&D department and the management to improve product innovation and management efficiency and ensure product quality. Among these training items, the PMP project management training and its certification assessment are for all staffs in Lifud to improve staff professionalism and customer service satisfaction. What’s more, Lifud organizes cultural group activities regularly to improve employees’ happiness.


The collection of some training items



The picture of some cultural group activities



Say goodbye to 2021, we remain true to our original aspiration

Say hello to 2022, we will continue to do our best

Thanks all clients for witnessing the growth of Lifud! Let’s move forward together in 2022!