70+ Lighting Projects... Have You Ever Been to These Places...

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In 2021, Lifud LED drivers have been applied in various fields. But do you know the popular application fields among them? The one that firstly comes to your mind is classroom lighting field because we have shared many related application cases in every quarter. But we can find many other “footsteps” of Lifud LED drivers in other fileds, including industrial lighting, subway and tunnel lighting, commercial lighting, hotel and residential lighting, etc.


Now let’s have a look at these 70+ application projects!


Industrial lighting


①A branch factory of Fuxing Technology

In this project, Lifud industrial lighting UFO high bay light LED drivers combined with Bilinwei intelligent technology Bluetooth accessories and systems were used to make it energy-efficient, convenient and humanized.



②Indonesia KMK shoe factory

It is located in Nike OEM factory in Indonesia and Lifud non-isolated UFO high bay light LED drivers with features of dimming to off and energy-efficiency were applied as well.


③Dongfeng Liuzhou automobile factory

As one of the application projects of Lifud in 2016, we have received feedback from clients in 2021 that the LED drivers have been still working well.



④The factory of Dongfeng Nissan in Huadu District, Guangzhou City

It is Dongfeng Nissan’s “world-class parent factory” and the largest overseas factory in the world. In this project, Lifud 0-10V dimmable LED drivers were applied and we have received feedback in 2021 that they are still “unremitting” after being used for 5 years.



Subway and tunnel lighting


①Shanghai Metro Line 15


It is the first large-carrying rail transit line with the longest mileage of one-time opening and highest level of full self-driving in China. In this project, Lifud DALI dimmable LED drivers were used in 6 consecutive stations to realize functions of stable dimming, sectional lighting and timing control.



②Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Undersea Tunnel

It connects Qingdao and Huangdao and is a part of the main urban road in the southwest of Qingdao, which is of great strategic significance to Qingdao. In this project, Lifud outdoor LED driver LF-GOExxxYE series were used.



③Funing Highway Tunnel

This project only took 100 days to complete from bidding to construction acceptance because of the utilization of the management mode of standard products in stock (standard products shall be delivered within 2-7 days in China). And Lifud has provided nearly 5000 pcs of LED driver LF-GOExxxYE series to clients in a short period of time.




Commercial lighting


①Domestic Rolls-Royce exhibition hall

Founded in 1904, Rolls-Royce is a century-old brand that represents superiority and prominence in the automotive field. In 2021, the images of most Rolls-Royce’s exhibition halls in China have been upgraded and Lifud DALI DT6 & DT8 LED drivers were involved in this upgrade.




②Yadea electric scooter domestic outlet

With more than 35,000 outlets, Yadea is the first listed enterprise in China’s electric two-wheeled vehicle industry. In 2021, 50,000 pcs of Lifud track light LED driver have been used for the lighting renovation of some outlets.


③Nanjing Yangtze River International Conference Center

It is a world-class conference center and a large-scale event venue in Nanjing Jiangbei New District, which has been completed in 2021. In this project, Lifud DALI dimmable LED driver LF-AAD series were applied.


④Prime Hotel Beijing Wangfujing

As one of the TOP 10 buildings in Beijing for the 10th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, it shoulders an important historical mission. In 2021, the lobby has been fully renovated, making it more magnificent, noble, elegant but extremely modern. And Lifud 0-10V CV dimmable LED drivers were used for this lighting renovation.


⑤The building of Victory Giant Technology (Huizhou) Co., Ltd.

The building is located in Huiyang District, Huizhou city, covering a total area of 236,000 square meters. The first phase was completed in 2008 and in the second phase, Lifud 0-10V dimmable new LED driver LF-AAAxxx series were applied.


⑥More cases

As a leading enterprise in the field of commercial lighting, thousands of pcs of Lifud LED drivers are sold all over the world every year to assist in major commercial or office lighting projects. In 2021, except for the above cases, we have also received cases about more than 20 large-scale application projects, including Singapore Government Building ( the first phase of the construction), Chengdu International Finance Square, Beijing Chaoyang Yintai Office Building, Lao Fengxiang Jewelry Store, Super Species Chain Store, LIU GUIFU Jewelry Store, etc.



Hotel and residential lighting


①Jinyu—Guanlan Era

It is located in the core of riverside residential area in the east of Hangzhou and a large-scale urban complex composed of high-rise condominiums, villas, star-rated hotels and business zones. In this project, Lifud LED drivers were used to create no-main lamp lighting.



②Dongshan Daguan Resort Hotel

Dongshan Daguan Resort Hotel, a Southern style holiday paradise, occupies about 4.09 acres with its related supporting facilities. In this project, Lifud DALI CC and CV dimmable LED drivers and 0-10V CC and CV LED drivers were applied.


③Guiyang Yueshan Lake Villa and Shoukai Villa Areas

China Railway Yueshan Lake Villa Area, a complex composed of high-rise buildings, houses, villas, business zones, etc and Shoukai Villa Area are high-end communities in Guiyang with the same business orientation. Both of them were lighted up by Lifud DALI dimmable LED drivers


Classroom lighting


21 cities & 25 application projects... For more details about classroom lighting application projects, please read the previous cases.



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