Intelligent Lighting in Intelligent Factories

What kind of performance does Lifud intelligent LED drivers have in intelligent factories?

There is no doubt that “intelligence” is one of the most popular words in 2021. Everything can be connected with it such as intelligent city, intelligent home, intelligent campus, intelligent factory and so on. And it seems that we will be “OUT” without using this word in our daily life.



Then what exactly is an intelligent factory? What kind of performance does the intelligent factory have in lighting?


Intelligent Factories


An intelligent factory, which makes use of emerging technologies such as intelligent system, Internet of things, equipment monitoring, sensor, etc. to strengthen internal information management and service, is a humanized factory with features of energy-efficiency, green and environmental protection and comfort.



When it comes to lighting, by using intelligent LED drivers, gateways, dimming panels and smart modules such as sensors, users can choose to control single light or groups of lights and set different brightness and CCT to create a specific atmosphere. Besides timming control, self detection and energy efficiency management, the lighting be linked to fire equipment.




Scene Control


Generally, the factory’s workshop has large area and there is a single line for one operation or multiple lines for different operations. Thus, the regional control in the factory lighting will play a remarkable role in saving energy. At the same time, a variety of lighting scenes can be preset based on the demand of each workshop. Certainly, control panels can be installed at each entrance of the workshop to realize one-click call of preset scenes, which meets the needs of multi-point control and centralized control in the large area of the workshop and is convenient for employees to use.



Timing Control


Timing control plays an important role in humanized management. The lights can be turned on or off automatically according to different time and settings. For example, when it’s about time for employees to enter the workshop, the lights will be on in advance. When it’s about time for employees to leave, the lights will be dimmed or be turned off. It helps a lot with energy saving.




Induction Linkage


There are various examples about induction linkage.

①Equip the warehouse with human body induction with 100% brightness for people to come and 10% brightness (or off) after people leaving;

②Equip the workshop with light sensor to achieve constant illumination control;

③Link with security and fire protection, automatically turn on the lighting of the whole area (or customized area) after receiving the alarm to reduce personnel confusion in emergency situations...


Operator Management


The operator control in the computer room is the most centralized embodiment of intelligent lighting system. It can not only be used for monitoring the work condition of different sections to reduce artificial inspection maintenance cost, but controlling switches and setting up the programming of light fixtures in the factory. Moreover, it can be used for displaying, summarizing and analyzing the energy dissipation of light fixtures to make the factory lighting system digital and visual.



The Case of Lifud Intelligent Factory


Take one of the branch factories of Fuxing Technology as an example. Lifud non-isolated LED drivers LF-FHB100YA IV for high bay light combined with Bluetooth Mesh controller (Tuya module), Bluetooth gateway, router, and Bilinwei intelligent SAAS system are applied to enable the intelligent control of lighting in the whole workshop, different sections, different operating lines, etc. and 0-100% dimming to save energy to the utmost.


The scene of 20% brightness



The scene of 100% brightness



Group control



Single light control (20% brightness)



Single light control (100% brightness)



Moreover, the intelligent control of the operator can also be used for collecting and summarizing the energy consumption of different light fixtures, the temperature and humidity and air quality data of the workshop environment to reduce the operation and maintenance cost and realize digital and visual management of the workshop. It is convenient for the operation and utilization of lighting according to the needs of different time and sites, enabling the construction of humanized factories with features of high efficiency, high energy saving, green and environmental protection and comfort.


The lighting demonstration of the intelligent factory



This project is divided into several stages to gradually renovate, involving a total of 15,000 pcs of Lifud the fourth generation of non-isolated UFO LED driver LF-FHBxxxYx IV. From the first generation of initiative UFO LED driver LF-FHBxxxYx to the fourth generation LF-FHBxxxYx IV being improved continually, Lifud has always been customer-centric, finding customer potential needs to solve customer application problems. In the future, Lifud will adhere to product optimization and upgrade, providing customers with more valuable LED drivers.



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