Classroom Lighting Renovation in the "Science and Technology City of China”

Intelligent classrooms in Mianyang City of China had been lighted up by Lifud Zigbee LED drivers!

Mianyang, a city with China Academy of Engineering Physics where the first atomic bomb of China was successfully developed, has 18 National Defense Research Institutes, 5 Mobile Post-Doctoral Workstations and 4 National Technology Centers.


Moreover, with more than 170,000 scientific researchers and engineers, including 26 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, it has reputations of “Western Silicon Valley”, “Intelligent City” and “China’s New Science and Technology City” approved by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council.



As an “Intelligent City”, the intelligent science and technology in schools shall be two indispensable elements.


In August 2021, in order to build intelligent campus, the project “School Lighting Renovation Procurement at the year of 2021 of Mianyang City” invited public bidding and the renovation of more than 1000 smart classrooms was completed in November.


In this project, the intelligent control of classroom environment (such as intelligent light environment system) is an important part of the intelligent classroom. Another way to say, through the perception and control of the environment, the teaching environment can be improved. Meanwhile, it is conducive to improve the learning efficiency, making the classroom become simple, efficient and intelligent and students feel more interesting to learn knowledge in class .


Pictures of classrooms





For the intelligent light environment system of the project, 12,000 pcs of Lifud wireless Zigbee LED driver combined with the intelligent lighting control system connect the lights to intelligent curtains, sensors, intelligent control terminals, intelligent handheld controllers and other devices, enabling functions of intelligent brightness adjustment, remote switch, energy consumption statistics, mode adjustment, etc.     


Compared with similar drivers on the market, Lifud Zigbee LED driver LF-GSZ040PC for intelligent classroom lighting has excellent dimming effect and better stability. As of November 2021, Lifud has received positive feedback from our clients on thousands of classroom lighting applications.


In addition to Lifud LED driver LF-GSZ040PC for intelligent classroom lighting, Zigbee families also have constant current (CC) dimming LF-AAZxxx series (8-40W),  constant current (CC) CCT dimming LF-ABZxxx series (12-50W), constant voltage (CV) dimming GAZ (B) 150W and constant voltage (CV) CCT dimming GAZ (A) 150W to meet different needs of lighting such as office lighting, commercial lighting, residential lighting, light box lighting, etc.



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