5-Year Quality Warranty of Lifud LED Driver Witnessed in Dongfeng Nissan in China

The quality of Lifud LED driver had been successfully witnessed in Dongfeng Nissan!

The Factory of Dongfeng Nissan located in Huadu Automobile City of Guangzhou has the reputation of the “world-class mother factory”. With an occupied area of 2.475 million square meters, it is not only the largest automobile manufacturing and production base in South China, but the largest overseas factory in the world.



The Engine Factory with an occupied area of 396,000 square meters was first completed and put into use in 2006. After that, Chini Component Factory, Technology Center, Tianmaxingkong Exhibition Area and the Second Factory for Passenger Vehicles in Huadu District and so on were built successively.





In 2016, Dongfeng Nissan carried out automation improvement projects in four places. Meanwhile, the factory in Huadu District began to renovate the lighting inside the factory, which was completed in 2017. During the process of renovation, Lifud Triac LED drivers were applied in more than 10,000 linear lights. And they have been working without any problems since 2017.  





Lifud has always attached great importance to product quality, and the actual working lifetime of each driver far exceeds the warranty period. It’s a proven fact. For example, the LED drivers installed in the factory of Dongfeng Nissan in Huadu still work well after 5-year use. Likewise, there are 5-year-warranty LIFUD street light drivers having worked normally for over 7 years in a seaside dock. We didn’t even know that until the end user contacted us for buying a couple of replacement. Customers can always find Lifud based on the brand logo and the company website on the driver and Lifud will offer after-sales service to customers around the world.


The reason that the actual working lifetime of Lifud’s driver far exceeds the warranty period is that the five-year lifetime of Lifud’s driver is calculated under the condition that the driver works 24 hours a day and lasts for 5 years. But in actual case, usually the lighting time of each driver does not reach 24 hours a day.


“Quality is all in Lifud”, which is the most eye-catching slogan on the wall of Lifud Shenzhen High Power Production Base. From SMT workshop, AI plug-in lines to AOI towards soldering strength, Lifud always put the quality control in primacy, insisting on perfecting quality control procedure by using the production automation equipment to reduce error and increase production capacity on the way to the continuous development.

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In the future, Lifud will always adhere to the core value of the brand - technology, quality and service and create more value for clients.


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