Is Office Lighting Design Simple? Definitely Not!

What benefits will good indoor office lighting design bring to the company?

Do you often feel tired and sleepy at work?

Do employees always wander off at the meeting?

Do employees feel unhappy?

Does the job applicant have a bad impression on the company’s image?


The employee’s work efficiency, cultivation and retention have a great impact on the development of the enterprise. Therefore, the management of the company make every effort to improve employee’s work efficiency and to create a comfortable environment for employee. In addition to improving the company system, using an appropriate lighting design in the office will also make a difference.


Warm light has the feeling of coziness, cold light has the feeling of coolness, flicker-free light is beneficial to our eye protection and the light used for accent lighting makes us focus on visual senses, simplicity highlights magnificence and complexity highlights gorgeousness...

A lot of people hold the view that office lighting, which is only used for illuminating the space rather than creating different atmosphere, is the simplest lighting design. But that is not the case.


Tired and sleepy at work?


The reason why we feel tired and sleepy at work is not only that we didn’t have enough rest, but the lighting atmosphere in the office area is ill-suited. For residential lighting, many people may choose warm white light to create a cozy atmosphere so that people can feel relaxed. But in the office lighting, using about 5500K cold white light can not only create a serious office atmosphere, but avoid the sleepy feeling brought by the dim light. At the same time, the light should be soft and comfortable to avoid eye fatigue brought by the brightness and the flicker of the light.   


Comparison of the cold and warm light effect



Distracted at the meeting?


In the conference lighting, in addition to brightness and seriousness, the lighting on the top of the conference table can be set as the main lighting, and auxiliary lighting can be added around it, which can make people feel centered and focus their attention on the main table consciously. Meanwhile, a variety of conference lighting modes can be added to improve conference efficiency with one button.


Lifud meeting room



Unhappy at work?


If the bright light and serious atmosphere in the entire office building remain for a long time, it is inevitable for employees to have a feeling of insensitivity, indifference and rigidity, reducing the sense of belonging of them. For employees’ leisure areas, activity areas and other places, we can consider about 3500K warm lights with some unique modeling lights to create a warm and active atmosphere.


Lifud R&D leisure area




Terrible impression on the company’s image?


The front desk is the window of a company, which can convey the strength and culture of the enterprise. Therefore, it is necessary to customize decorative lighting based on the enterprise, and the overall brightness must be high enough to have the impression of openness and clarity. At the same time, the lights and their shape in each area should echo with each other to avoid being too complicated. For some areas such as honor, culture, activity and other display areas, they can be illuminated with spot lights and LED strips to enable local accent lighting, improving the overall layer and leaving a better impression on visitors.


The accent lighting on the honor wall of Lifud



The above is only a simple and general introduction. There are a lot of knowledge in real lighting design, such as how does the light CCT illumination change intelligently with the biological rhythm of human body to achieve the best working state of human-beings? How to achieve the balance between cost and effectiveness of enterprise lighting system...

Therefore, it is not simple to do well in office lighting design.


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