Lifud LED Drivers Applied in the Longest Undersea Tunnel of China

Lifud LED drivers were illuminated for the longest undersea tunnel lighting in China!

Jiaozhou Bay Undersea Tunnel (Jiaozhou Bay Tunnel), with a total length of 7,797 meters, an undersea length of 4,095 meters and 10 crossed fracture zones, is the longest undersea tunnel built and open to traffic in China.



The tunnel at the mouth of Jiaozhou Bay, linking Qingdao and Huangdao, was officially opened in June 2011. As one of the components of the main urban road in the southwest of Qingdao, it has important strategic significance for Qingdao–ending the era of relying on ferry between people of Jiaozhou Bay on the two sides, greatly shortening the time for them to arrive and depart from the east and west coasts of Qingdao, and forming a half hour economic circle between the two sides.



After 10 years of application, a series of maintenance and renovation projects of tunnel road marking, power distribution and lighting has been put on the agenda one after another in order to improve the traffic efficiency of Jiaozhou Bay Undersea Tunnel again in 2021. Among them, the 60W~200W tunnel lighting renovation was officially completed in June.



In this project, more than 4000 pcs of Lifud IP67 waterproof LED driver LF-GOExxxYE series (power options: 25W-320W; efficiency: 94% ) are applied to save more energy for the later operation of the project. And all-round protection features of open circuit, short circuit, over temperature, over voltage, 6KV/10KV surge protection and so on enable the lighting of Jiaozhou Bay Tunnel to be stable and reliable in the long term.



The LED driver for road, bridge and tunnel lighting is developed by Lifud High-power Business Division to explore a more segmented market.




In order to explore a more segmented market, Lifud insists on independently developing various series of LED driver, such as FHB series for industrial lighting, KAN series for landscape lighting, EAN series for street lighting, etc. Moreover, Lifud is dedicated to the service rule of “ one client, one policy ”, providing the specialized and professional service to every client with a steadfast, innovative and responsible attitude.


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