Triac LED Driver That Can be Compatible with All Triac Dimmers

Lifud TRIAC LED drivers that can be compatible with all dimmers are comming!

TRIAC LED driver is the best solution to the renovation of an old wired dimming project, which is to say, the dimming function can be added without major changes of decoration. There are various TRIAC LED drivers and dimmers on the market, and incompatible situations often occur, which not only has a bad impact on the effect of dimming, but generates great noise.



In order to solve the above problems, Lifud has developed two series of constant-current and constant-voltage TRIAC dimming LED drivers, which can be compatible with all dimmers by adjusting the dimming curve.


Compared with common domestic TRIAC dimming drivers, it not only has 0.1% dimming depth, excellent dimming effect and small volume (8W: 122*40*25mm; 10W: 142*30*26mm), but multinational certifications.


High compatibility

It supports forward phase-cut and reverse phase-cut dimmers, and is directly compatible with mainstream phase-cut dimmers such as ABB, Simon, Helvar, Philips, Osram, Morgan, Dalitek, Lutron.... For non-mainstream dimmers, we can adjust the dimming curve of the driver to achieve the compatibility.


Self-defined and gradually varied dimming effect and power-on effect

With a built-in MCU, its gradually varied power-on effect and dimming effect can be set based on the requirement of different clients.


≤0.1% dimming depth and flicker-free, for healthy eye protection

With a dimming depth no more than 0.1%, the light can be much dimmer, which gives users more choices of brightness. During the process of dimming, there won't be any invisible flicker, which greatly avoids users’ visual fatigue.



Multinational certifications



Parameters of the constant current TRIAC LED driver



Parameters of the constant voltage TRIAC LED driver



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