76 Schools Lighted up by Lifud LED Drivers in 6 Cities

76 schools had been lighted up by Lifud LED drivers for classroom lighting!

In April of this year, we collected many cases about Lifud LED drivers being used in classroom lighting projects which have been shared in our previous post. From April to August, there have been 3 more cities using LIFUD LED drivers in the classroom lighting projects. From August to this month of October, there have been another 76 schools in 6 more cities. While in this context, only a small part of the cases can be publicized due to the confidentiality agreement.


The map



We have been expanding the market with our LED drivers for classroom lighting in China in 2021 and have owned great reputation among our domestic clients. Why are our products so popular in the domestic market? There are 3 points to answer this question: high protection rating, more energy saving and long lifetime. Are you curious about more details of them? What about coming to the 80th Chengdu Education Equipment Exhibition?



76 schools in 6 cities



The project in Henan Province

In this project, a total of 16,060pcs of Lifud LED driver were used for classroom lighting renovation in Henan Province, mainly including 1255 classrooms in 54 schools under the project of Ruzhou Government of Pingdingshan. After renovation, all of them meet the national standard of “Sanitary Requirements for Lighting Design and Installation of Ordinary Classrooms in Primary and Secondary Schools” (GB/T36876-2018).







The projects in Shandong and Sichuan Provinces

In these two projects, the energy-saving LED driver LF-GIF040YA series that is the first generation of Lifud LED driver were used for classroom lighting. In the 81st Chengdu Education Equipment Exhibition from October 23 to 25, Lifud will display the latest generation of this series LF-GIF040YA Pro that has a greater breakthrough in efficiency and other performances. For more information, please come to Lifud’s booth at Hall 4, 04020.




The project in Xinjiang Province

In this project, Lifud LED drivers for intelligent classroom lighting LF-GSZ040PC series were applied in several schools of the 3rd division of Tumushuke city in Xinjiang. This series is equipped with Zigbee wireless dimming control system and Lifud app for intelligent classroom lighting. And it can quickly complete the intelligent system configuration of a classroom in 3 minutes under various standard scenarios of 4 + 3 or 6 + 3 or 9 + 2 or 9 + 3 or 12 + 3 (classroom lights + blackboard lights, e.g. 4 + 3 means that there are 4 classroom lights and 3 blackboard lights in the classroom), which is conducive to reduce the difficulty of installation and labor cost.



The project in Zhejiang Province

In this project, Lifud LED drivers for classroom lighting were chosen by Daxi Town Central Primary School in Taizhou city, Zhejiang province. While Lifud DALI dimming AAD series and adjustable CCT LF-GSDxxxYK series were selected by China Academy of Art to manage campus lighting and achieve light sensor experience.  



The project in Guangdong Province

Likewise, the LED drivers for intelligent classroom lighting were also used in Dongguan Songshan Lake Middle School. While the energy-saving series was applied in Dongsheng Town Primary School.



For more information about Lifud LED driver for classroom lighting, please come to Lifud’s booth in the 80th Chengdu Education Equipment Exhibition from October 23 to 25.