Congratulations on Lifud Being Selected in the List of National Specialized Fine Peculiar Innovative “Little Giant”

Sichuan Lifud Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully selected as one of the specialized fine peculiar innovative "little giant"!

Recently, the announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the third batch of specialized fine peculiar innovative “little giant” enterprises has been issued by various provincial governments.



After the recommendation of governments at all levels, the demonstration of industry associations, the evaluation of experts, public publicity and other processes, Sichuan Lifud Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully selected into the list of the third batch of specialized fine peculiar innovative “little Giant”, becoming one of the enterprises that has this honor.



In 2011, the concept of “specialization, fineness, peculiarity and innovation” was first proposed on the press conference of China’s Industrial Development and Industrial Policy Report (2011)



In 2018, the government proposed for the first time to carry out the cultivation of “specialized fine peculiar and innovative little giant”, selecting top enterprises that focus on market segments, have strong innovation ability, occupy high market share, master key core technologies and have excellent quality and benefit to cultivate.



From 2019 to 2021, a total of 4,762 national “little giant” enterprises were approved on three occasions. Lifud was selected as one of the national “little giants”, which is not only the recognition of the government, industry, society and experts for Lifud’s enterprise operation, technological innovation, equipment and technology, management system and market competitiveness, but the recognition, encouragement and support for Lifud’s development potential.



In the future, with the vision of “making energy more efficient and cleaner”, Lifud will practically continue insisting on the technological innovation, giving back more value to our society.