Lifud DALI Drivers Shining at Metro Line 15 in Shanghai

Lifud DALI LED drivers were lighted up at Shanghai Metro Line 15!

The process of the construction of Shanghai Metro Line 15


In December 2010, the construction of Shanghai metro line 15, which is in the list of “Shanghai Urban Rail Transit Recent Construction Plan (2010-2015)” was confirmed and approved.

In June 2015, reports on “the environmental impact and feasibility study of Shanghai rail transit line 15 project” were confirmed and approved.



In December 2019, the first train of line 15 arrived at the base; the construction of the whole line was finished and the English and Chinese naming of the station were confirmed.

A story between Lifud and Shanghai starts here accordingly.



In June 2020, all the tracks of line 15 were welded together  

At the same time, Lifud 7000pcs DALI drivers started their “mission” to guard the line 15, realizing their intelligent control ability





In January 2021, the line 15 had passed the pre-operation safety assessment. All the stations have been put into operation except Guilin Road Station, which meant that this metro line can be officially used by us after more than 10 years of planning and construction.


Lifud Driver--Light up the Line 15, light up a beautiful life


In this project, 7000 pieces of Lifud LF-GSDxxxYC DALI dimming driver were applied for creating the precise scene control for each area of the station hall of line 15, reducing the investment in the later stage of the project from multi-dimensional aspects such as operation, management and maintenance.


For subway lighting drivers, except the above DALI dimming driver, Lifud still has another 2 solutions:

  • constant current driver LF-GSDxxxYH series (IP67, L/N:4KV,L/N-GND:6KV)
  • constant voltage LF-KAD series  (IP67, L/N:6KV,L/N-GND:10KV)

Their waterproof and surge protection features are helpful to effectively prevent the light fixtures from being influenced by the water vapor of static electricity brought about by the operating subway.


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