New Product: CV Rain-proof LED Driver Used for Landscape Lighting

Lifud new product CV rain-proof LED driver- KAN400 used for landscape lighting is coming!

What do we care about most when buying LED drivers used for landscape lighting?

What factors will affect the lifetime and reliability of the LED driver used for landscape lighting?

What kind of design does the structure of LED driver used for landscape lighting have?

How do we make the right choice?

Read on to get the answers!


1. The problem that customers care about most

In the new product preparation stage, a survey on the problem that customers do care about most when buying LED drivers used for landscape lighting was conducted by Lifud. And it is found out that the lifetime or reliability of the LED driver is the most concerned problem. The reason is that if there is a driver malfunction, people have to put up ladders, scaffolding and even blockade the road to repair, making the maintenance cost extremely high or even posing a threat to a company’s reputation.


2. The factors that affect the lifetime and reliability of LED driver used for landscape lighting

Heating and cooling: The lifetime of electronic products largely depends on its operating temperature. That is to say, the higher the temperature, the shorter the lifetime. Thus, it is necessary for us to reduce heat and at the same time strengthen heat dissipation in order to extend the lifetime of LED drivers.

Rain and moisture: It is well-known that water may cause drivers short circuit and even to be damaged. Likewise, when the humidity reaches more than 90%, the LED driver is also easy to be damaged due to short circuit.

Dust and debris: The acid and corrosive fungi or attachments carried by dust and debris not only can cause the surface of electronic devices to be broken, but the driver of the fan used for cooling to be damaged due to short circuit.


3. The common types of design on the LED driver used for landscape lighting to cope with the above problems

There are two main design factors in the structure of the LED driver used for landscape lighting: cooling and gluing.

Fan cooling

Cooling: The heat dissipation (cooling) of key heating devices is enhanced by forced ventilation.

Side effects:①The overall efficiency of the LED driver will be reduced by fan cooling. And also the use of fan will increase heating and noise.

②The fan used for cooling is easy to be damaged by transportation, falling, dust and debris, tide and etc, which means the LED driver will be damaged subsequently.    



①Prevent local temperature from being too high.

This type of design is aimed to strengthen the thermal conductivity and heat dissipation of products by conducting and sending out the heat generated by components.

②Improve humidity resistance.

Part of components have been covered with thermal conductive adhesive, which can achieve humidity resistance.

③Improve stability.

Thermal conductive (insulation) adhesive covers PCB and part of components, which can fully resist impact and vibration owing to its stable insulation performance.

Side effects: Higher cost

2 types of the LED driver used for landscape lighting come into being based on the above factors-natural cooling semi-glue rain-proof LED driver and fan cooling non-glue LED driver.

4. Comparison on the structure of these designs

Note: The structural design is only compared under the same production level. Because different manufacturers have different parameters, processes and components for the same design. Thus the stability of the final product will be greatly different.



Note: The red font is the disadvantage, and the green one is the advantage.

Conclusion: the natural cooling semi-glue rain-proof LED driver is more reliable under the same production technology level. The driver itself is required to have low heat, good heat conduction and heat dissipation, which can be also regarded as  higher requirements on the technology and process of enterprises. Such as circuit design: the higher the efficiency, the lower the heat.

Natural cooling and semi-gluing structures are applied in Lifud rain-proof LED driver used for landscape lighting. In terms of design and process, the product reliability is ensured strictly.


New circuit is used, making the efficiency up to 94.5%, higher than the market similar first-class products 2-3 percentage points.

Heating can be reduced, making the overall case temperature is 10-20℃lower than similar products.

Wire costs can be reduced by improving transmission capacity. (high PF>0.95 and low THD<10%)


Double panel design, double-sided copper foil and electroplated copper for welding holes are applied in our rain-proof LED drivers, making it more solid and reliable.

Product Details:



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