Lifud LED Drivers Lighted up at Shenzhen Rolls-Royce Exhibition Hall

Lifud LED drivers had been lighted up at Shenzhen Rolls-Royce exhibition hall!

“We must strive for perfection, make the best better, if there is nothing the best, just create one.”

                                                                                                                       --Freddy Henry Royce


A century-old brand founded in 1904

A brand that represents superiority and eminence

A brand that values craftsmanship, pursues excellence and pays attention to details


Rolls-Royce-an ultimate luxury car with a simple “RR” logo


The double “R” logo of Rolls-Royce



For almost a century, Rolls-Royce has the dominant status in the car world no matter compared with any bigger or more expensive luxury cars. It is distinguished not only by its pursuit of “trouble-free” excellent performance and pure handcraft, but by its unparalleled brand image and strong customer service.


The Rolls-Royce in Shenzhen



Just as its founder Freddy Henry Royce said:“ Everything must be perfect!” The sales volume of Rolls-Royce is only a few thousand units each year, but for car fans, it still can be regarded as a dream. Today let’s walk into Shenzhen Rolls-Royce exhibition hall to feel its charm.


The outside of Shenzhen Rolls-Royce Exhibition Hall



Shenzhen Rolls-Royce Exhibition Hall is located in the central district of Futian.

The lighting inside the hall and the floor-to-ceiling glass on both sides are applied to the fullest, creating a transparent, open and bright visual effect for pedestrians.


The spot light, linear light and modeling light (adjustable CCT and brightness) equipped with Lifud intelligent-control LED driver and Crestron DALI host are used for interpreting different series and styles of Rolls-Royce: under the technical linear light, you will be surrounded by a silver vision; under the warm spot light, you will obtain much comfort and ease.


The lighting in the display area



Combined with natural light, those lights are used to create different seasons and times (the cold light represents autumn or winter and the warm one represents spring or summer). The smooth and flicker-free dimming effect is conducive to alleviate visitors’ eye fatigue, making them feel comfortable and relaxed in the rest area.  


The lighting in the reception area



The lighting in the rest area



The utilized intelligent control LED drivers, including the constant current dimming series LF-GSDxxxYG, the constant current tunable white series LF-AADxxx and the constant voltage dimming series LF-GSDxxxYV (smooth and consistent dimming, the dimming depth is 0.1% and flicker-free effect) have been greatly integrated into the whole exhibition hall.


Lifud intelligent LED drivers are perfectly compatible with Crestron and other drivers of mainstream brands at home and abroad (such as ABB, Simon, Dalitek, Helvar, Philips, HDL, Tridonic...). Both of them have been tested to be compatible with ours.


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