How to Apply No-Main Lamp Lighting into Villas

Lifud LED drivers have been successfully applied into villas with the minimalist style!

Hangzhou Jinyu · Guanlan Era - Yundi


Jinyu·Guanlan Era is located in the core of riverside residential area in the east of Hangzhou. It is a large-scale urban complex composed of high-rise condominiums, villas, star-rated hotels and business zones, among which Yundi is one of the members.


The apartment was designed in the minimalist style. Down lights, spot lights and LED strips were applied to create the most popular no-main lamp lighting, which is more in line with modern aesthetics.

Note: No-main lamp lighting means that when designing the lighting of the room, use down lights, spot lights or LED strips instead of traditional main lights and auxiliary lights.  


The sitting room



Many groups of spot lights were used to lighten the corner, TV wall, rest area, etc. Through the contrast of light and shade, the overall lighting environment can be enriched, which is not only beneficial to enhance the beauty of the whole area, but avoid tedious problems of the main lights, including maintenance, cleaning, etc.


The bedroom



The ceiling of the French window inside the bedroom was equipped with the soft down lights, making people feel relaxed and eased by sitting beside the window at night. The lighting for the table was installed with spot lights and the angle of them can be adjusted according to the owner’s decoration preference and article placement, making it possible to achieve key lighting.

The bathroom



The bathroom was also equipped with the down lights and spot lights to illuminate the washstand, bathtub and other areas point to point. The LED strips were used to illuminate the areas under the washstand, enhancing the overall visual brightness of the washstand.


Cabinet lighting



The cabinet was equipped with LED strips and down lights, making the whole cabinet become brighter visually. Besides, this well-designed lighting has the function to respond to the other spaces in the room.


Detail lighting






The down lights and spot lights were used to illuminate the jewellery table and the wall for picture-hanging as well, making a distinction towards different sections.


Lighting adjustment site



Lifud DALI dimming LED driver AAD series (0.1% dimming depth and flicker-free) were applied in all the spot lights in the apartment to achieve human centric lighting by adjusting the brightness based on various atmospheres.  


Guiyang Yueshan Lake Villa Area

China Railway Yueshan Lake, a complex composed of high-rise buildings, houses, villas, business zones and so on, is located in the headquarters of Guanshanhu District. It is one of the most high-end communities in Guiyang. In this design, Lifud DALI dimming series were used in the whole space, such as LF-GSDxxxYV single dimming series applied in the constant voltage LED strips and LF-AAD series in the spot lights and down lights.


Decorating site




The Shoukai villa area in Guiyang

The Shoukai villa is located in Nanming District, which is also a high-end community in Guiyang. In this design, Lifud constant voltage LF-GSDxxxYV series were applied in the LED strips.


The LED strips applied on the ceiling of the living room  



The LED strips applied in the cabinet



The LED strips applied on the ceiling made of glass



In addition to the above DALI wired control system, Lifud has developed the wireless Bluetooth control series in terms of high-end intelligent home lighting system, which can be compatible with the Tuya ecology and achieve voice control, etc.


The family of Lifud Bluetooth control series


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