4 Tips to identify genuine Lifud drivers

Do you know how to identify genuine Lifud drivers? Come and find the answers!

Wiring of Triac Dimming & Wireless Dimming

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4 Steps to Enable 0/1-10V Dimming Wiring

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4 Steps to Enable DALI Dimming Wiring

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What is DALI Intelligent System?

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What's the Future of Intelligent LED Lighting?

Intelligent lighting is pretty popular in our daily life, but have you ever thought about its trend?

The secret "magic" of smart city street lights: Zhaga-D4i driver with data feedback function!

A D4i street light driver that makes city management easier!

A Zhaga standard driver that makes light fixture design easier!

A driver with an 8-year warranty that makes terminal use more secure!

LF-ACDxxx (40-165W), Lifud first Zhaga-standard 8-year warranty D4i data feedback outdoor driver, is the preferred street light driver for smart urban street lighting!

I. D4i data feedback function makes management simpler and external sensing & wireless control more convenient!

ACD series is functioned with DALI Part 251 luminaire data, DALI Part 252 energy data, DALI Part 253 diagnostic data, which provides data support for smart city management!

ACD-B (D4i version) comes with DALI bus power supply (DALI Part 250) and auxiliary power supply (DALI Part 150), which can support the use of street light sensors and wireless controllers, making smart city projects easier to implement.

▼Optional versions: DALI-2 / D4i / ON-OFF

II. Time dimming function for free customization

In addition to DALI&PUSH dimming, the ACD series can also be set to 6-step timed dimming. According to the length of daylight in four seasons, the street light turn-on time and brightness can be customized, so that road lighting can better meet the travel needs of citizens while reducing energy waste!

▼The quantity of steps and brightness settings can be customized according to different cities/streets!

Time dimming has 3 modes: Traditional Timer, Self Adapting-Midnight and Self Adapting-Percentage. Enable the function to enter the Traditional Timer mode by default. There are 6 steps in each mode, and you can set the brightness, the operating time, and the fade time between the 2 steps to make the changes more natural!.


III. Luminaire status monitoring and automatic adjustment of temperature to extend its lifetime!

The ACD series can be connected to an external NTC resistor to monitor the temperature status of the light fixture cavity around the clock. It can automatically adjust the current when the temperature is high (customized protection temperature & protection mode) to avoid continuous use of the light fixture in an ultra-high temperature state so as to protect the light beads & driver and extend the lifetime of the light fixture!


IV. All-round protection for safety, stability and reliability of light fixture!

The ACD series has input over-voltage protection, input under-voltage protection, open-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, and short-circuit protection to comprehensively ensure project applications and keep road safe!

V. Support NFC offline multiple programming & one-click batch editing of all parameters!

Driver parameters can be customized and edited through DALI programmer or NFC, and NFC settings support multiple programming - when the parameters are the same, parameter settings only need to be performed for the first time, and subsequent products with the same batch of parameters can be set in batches for the full carton with one click!

VI. 8-Year Warranty for reliable quality!

The calculation method of Lifud's warranty period is: if correctly applied according to the requirements in Lifud's product specifications, it can work continuously 24 hours a day, and work continuously for 8 years! That is to say, if the actual lighting & standby time is less than 24 hours a day, the actual service life can be longer!

▼Click to view Lifud’s 3-year warranty product application case for 10 years!

VII. Certified by ZHAGA with more reliable interconnection!

With Book 24 & 25 international certification, the NFC function is stable and reliable, ensuring communication and interconnection between NFC and devices!

▼Zhaga Book 24&25 certification



VIII. More features & parameters

·Surge: L-N 6KV,L/N-PE 10KV

·Comply with Zhaga Book 13 & 24

·IP20, suitable for Class I/II light fixtures with IP>54

·Certifications: DALI -2、ENEC、CE、CB、UKCA、RCM

* A: DALI-2, B: D4i, C: ON-OFF

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