What Lit Up These Brilliant Places? LiFud Tells You!

Its pleasant that Lifud received positive feedback again from an end customer in Pakistan last week. About 2000 LED drivers of Lifud s LF-GIR050YM were applied in the AL-FATAH Supermarket in Lahore. It is Not a big project indeed, but it is a big recognition for us, especially when we see the final shinning scenario and happy smile on customers faces. LF-GIR050YM, a product that Lifud produced years ago, is still favored by customers. This proved again that Lifuds commercial lighting driver has become the common choice for customers.


So lets check more applications of Lifud commercial lighting drivers in year 2018-2019.


The Garden Malls in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  LF-GIR020YJ, 10-year warranty



BMW 4S store in Spain   LF-GIF036YF, LED track light


Taco Cabana chain restaurant in Texas, America   

LF-GMD035YBIV, US standard panel light LED driver hot selling


Blackpool Tower in England  

LF-GIF040YA, EU standard flicker free panel light LED driver hot selling



Riga Central Market in Latvia

LF-GMD063YS(S), DALI intelligent control LED driver


Other application in China: BMW 4S stores, jewelry stores, exclusive stores (Xiaomi, Huawei), supermarkets, shopping malls in Dongguan and Nanchang, etc.


Every positive feedback from our customers motivates Lifud to drive forward, and every suggestion brings our products constant improvement and even innovation. Therefore, any feedback of using experience or suggestion on our products are welcomed, more importantly the detailed application projects  (including location, name, Lifud product model and type of light) will be much appreciated. Certainly a present is ready for your cooperation.