GILE2020 Finished! 18 Lifud New Products You Should Know...

In GILE2020, Lifud has displayed its own 18 new products! Are you curious about them?

On October 13, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition came to a successful conclusion. Lifud made great changes in the GILE 2020. From the previous posts, it’s known that we have divided our booth into four sections and many new LED drivers made their debut in the exhibition. Now let’s have a look at the 18 new series that were on display.

1. LF-GDExxxYL: Customized design for the Great Hall of the People 

This product is a triac dimmable LED driver specially developed for the lighting renovation project of the Great Hall of the People. It has excellent flicker-free effect and strong compatibility. The output current can be adjusted via the DIP switch.

According to our tests, the following dimmer brands are compatible with our driver:

Hamilton, VARILIGHT, Schneider Electric, MK, GIRA, ABB, JUNG, Busch, CLIPSAL, DIGINET, Busch-Jaeger, NEXUS, Merten, EHMANN, LAP, ZANO, Legrand...

2. LF-GSDxxxPF: Leading constant current DALI dimming (mini size+EMC certification)

Among DALI dimming products, it’s not only Lifud that is able to produce a mini driver with size of 30*20*142mm (W*H*L). What we are so proud is that our mini size driver can pass the EMC certification, which is almost impossible for other similar products. Lifud insists that no matter how difficult the design solution is, every Lifud driver must pass the EMC certification.

3. LF-GSDxxxYK: Constant Current DALI DT8 Tunable White LED Driver

LF-GSDxxxYK DALI DT8 Tunable White LED Driver, just like the LF-GSDxxxYG series launched early this year, also has high standard performance: smooth dimming, flicker-free and excellent dimming depth. But unlike the rectangular shape for panel light, YK is smaller and suitable for light fixtures with exquisite design such as down light.

4. LF-GDExxxYK: Constant current 0-10V dimmable driver

Compared with the previous 0-10V dimmable LED drivers, this product has better dimming depth of 1% and smoother dimming process. And it also has DC12V auxiliary power supply terminal, which can be connected to intelligent dimming modules, making it convenient for future project updating of intelligent light fixtures such as DALI, Zigbee, etc.

5. LF-GSDxxxYV: First constant voltage DALI dimmable LED driver

Lifud has been improving DALI dimming product line, and LF-GSDxxxYV fills the empty of constant voltage dimmable product. For your option, DALI DT6 and DALI DT8 tunable white LED driver are available for this product. Its dimming depth can reach 0.1%. Smooth dimming and flicker free effect can be seen during the whole dimming process.

LF-GSD040YV has 5 dimming modes including DALI, 0-10V/PWM/Rx and push, making it easier for your inventory management.

6. LF-GDExxxYV: First constant voltage 0-10V dimmable LED driver

As a supplement to the constant voltage dimmable product line, LF-GSDxxxYV’s power ranges from 40W to 150W. It has 3-in-1 dimming function of 0-10V / PWM / Rx, and flicker-free effect during the whole dimming process.

7-10.0-10V dimmer and DALI dimming panel

In this exhibition, apart from LED drivers, Lifud also displayed four self-developed dimming panels, including 0-10V (AC power supply) dimmer, 0-10V (no power supply) dimmer, DALI dimming panel and DALI dimming tunable white panel. We will gradually perfect Lifud intelligent system and manage to provide a complete set of intelligent solution for our customers.

11-13. Education lighting intelligent control system

ZigBee driver, gateway, control panel (including LCD touch screen and mechanical screen) and intelligent light sensor are specially designed for educational lighting. At the same time, Lifud can provide a complete set of intelligent classroom lighting system parts such as the remote control and curtain motor.

At the same time, we also launched a new ZigBee driver compatible with Tuya system. The product can also be compatible with other brands of ZigBee modules and achieves batch application. It is suitable for educational lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting and etc. The basic performance is as follows:

① Meet with the latest ZIGBEE 3.0 agreement

② Flicker-free during the whole smooth dimming process

③ Dimming depth≤1%

④ 5yrs warranty

Meanwhile, we also have conventional LED drivers for regular education lighting for your options:  LF-GIFxxxYA, LF-GIFxxxPB (NEW) and LF-GIFxxxPC (NEW). More details about the products please contact us.

14. “Afterglow” free Mount Tai Ⅳ series (non-isolated UFO)

When using the UFO high bay light with a non-isolated dimming LED driver, the light can not be completely dimmed off when using the microwave sensor or 0-10V dimmer to turn it off. With Lifud’s upgrading Mount Tai Ⅳ series, you can dim off the light without cut off the input AC. 

15. LF-GSDxxxYH: Special LED driver for subway lighting (IP67, constant current DALI dimming)

As for subway lighting, the general requirement is IP54/65 and surge protection of 2/4KV. As the latest intelligent control driver for subway lighting, LF-GSDxxxYH is designed in accordance with the highest requirements and quality standards --- IP67, surge protection of 4KV, PF higher than 0.95 and THD less than 10%, etc. We commit to providing customers with the most competitive LED driver for subway lighting.

16-18. Three versions of 100-240W street light LED driver

Conventional version:LF-GOExxxYE/F; programmable version: LF-GOExxxYJ/K; Intelligent control version: LF-GOExxxYH

All the three versions have excellent performance of surge protection of 10KV (optional 2/12Ω test standard), THD less than 10%, ultra high conversion efficiency up to 93.5% and etc. Compared with the conventional version, the digital programmable version has functions of intelligent adaptive constant power, 7-section timing dimming, attenuation compensation and etc. The intelligent version is equipped with DALI intelligent control function and reserved with a 12V auxiliary power supply terminal.

Want to know more about the high power street light drivers? Please follow Lifud and see you in next post!

That’s all the new products that we displayed in the GILE 2020. The high power and small power, commercial lighting driver, education lighting system, subway lighting driver or the road lighting and industrial lighting drivers, all related to the intelligent technology. For Lifud, the development concept or the key index we pay much attention to for the intelligent products is always:  simple installation, simple usage and simple maintenance, dimming smoothness, dimming depth and dimming tolerance. We will spare no effort to develop our intelligent dimming product line for the better experience for customers.

Which one you are more interested in? Looking forward to your message!