Lifud Annual Intelligent Product Training Conference—Strive in the Moment

With an aim to help Lifud sales personnel have a further understanding on Lifud products, Lifud prepared a must-have training conference at the beginning of this year.

Lifud annual intelligent product training conference held in Shenzhen Haosheng Garden Hotel on February 3rd was a great success. In 2023, the products, technologies and services in the market have been newly upgraded. Whereas how to provide more professional service for every client by maintaining the high-quality technology? With an aim to help Lifud sales personnel have a further understanding on Lifud products, Lifud prepared a must-have training conference at the beginning of this year. The conference concentrates on the status quo of LED industry, the applications of intelligent systems and the interpretation of products, which is helpful for all sales staff in Lifud to strengthen their professional knowledge.     


2023 Lifud Intelligent Product Training Conference



1. Customer-centric service—creating value for every client

How to interpret the customer-centric service to the fullest? If we are truly in customers’ shoes, having a deep understanding on the market environment customers are facing and the company’s support policies made for customers, we are able to provide the most appropriate products and services for different clients. On the conference, Lifud intelligent product manager Mr. Mao Jihong shared us the status quo of the latest market environment in terms of LED industry and Lifud product development plan, helping us better understand Lifud and the whole industry.  


Mr. Mao Jihong sharing on the conference



2. Professional intelligent technical knowledge—providing professional application guided service for every client

In order to provide every client with professional intelligent system design guided service, all sales personnel in Lifud must have a comprehensive understanding on the intelligent system. On this conference, Mr. Mao Jihong carried out an in-depth training on system design, application scene, etc. in terms of Lifud brand and common intelligent products in the market.


Conference scene



3. New products—full intelligent system solutions

1)Dimmable LED driver—DALI, 0-10V, Triac, Wireless, Magnetic, Emergency

Based on the full dimmable product line and the multiple applications of isolated or non-isolated design in 2022, Lifud is planning to further expand the power options of its dimmable drivers, including isolated constant current 3-240W, non-isolated constant current 8-150W and constant voltage 40-240W. According to different application pain points, Lifud is going to launch panel light LED driver with loop-in and loop-out wiring, 1% dimming depth LED driver, etc.   


2)Tunable white new LED driver—DALI, 0-10V

In addition to the existing DALI, Bluetooth and Zigbee constant current and constant voltage plastic casing CCT adjustable LED drivers, Lifud is going to launch 0-10V tunable white LED driver and DALI linear tunable white metal casing LED driver. For more details on Lifud new products, just follow up with the global live stream activity of Lifud brand on March 21.


Conference scene—product training



3)System accessories—dimmable, CCT adjustable, RGB, RGBW, RGBCW

How to immediately turn non-dimmable light fixtures into DALI or Zigbee dimmable ones? What about non-dimmable LED strips to RGBCW dimmable ones? How to wirelessly expand the power of LED strips connected? Based on the existing DALI, 0-10V, Triac and wireless dimmable controllers, gateways, bus power supplies, etc., Lifud is going to launch a series of other accessories such as converter, constant voltage controller, power extender and so on, which aims to meet the requirements of different applications.


Conference scene—accessory application demo



4. Core value—integrity, responsibility & dedication

At the end of the conference, Mr. Chen Xuewen, director of Lifud marketing management department delivered the summary speech, convincing ourselves that Lifud will always stand behind every sales staff, providing them with a more comprehensive intelligent product line and logistics support system with only one purpose: the most thoughtful service, the most professional knowledge and the most valuable product for every client!


Mr. Chen Xuewen delivering the summary speech



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