Highlights of 2022 & Previews of 2023

How time flies! As technology develops so fast, what upgrades did Lifud LED drivers have in 2022? Now let's see some launched products you cannot miss in 2022 and the coming new solutions in 2023!

Constant voltage DALI/Push/0-10V/PWM/Rx dimmable LED driver

This driver features 93% high efficiency and flicker-free effect, and the DALI/Push/0-10V/PWM/Rx dimming function of this driver enables it to suit for different applications, which is helpful for users to reduce SKUs and warehousing costs.  



Non-isolated DALI dimmable LED driver

This driver is equipped with 2 sets of output wiring terminals for connecting 2 LED boards, which is specially designed for the installation of tri-proof light (with 2 LED boards inside). Besides, the output current of this driver is adjustable via programmer or exterior resistor.



Ta 60℃ Triac dimmable LED driver

Its semi-glue filling design and high temperature resistance ability (suitable for ambient temperature up to 60) strengthen the light fixture and extend the lifetime of light fixture to some extent; Teflon wire enables it to have higher abrasion resistance ability, and the track lights can freely slide without breakage; high compatibility ability enables it to match famous domestic and overseas dimming systems, including Legrand, Feidiao, Delixi, Schneider, etc.  



0-10V/PWM/Rx dimmable LED driver

This driver supports 0-10V/PWM/Rx dimming and its output current is adjustable via DIP switch from 6 to 40W, which is convenient for your inventory.



0-10V/PWM dimmable LED driver

The 0-10V/PWM dimming function and adjustable CCT + brightness via DIP switch function enable it to suit for different lighting projects; 12V AUX output enables it to connect to external smart module.



Magnetic light LED driver

This driver ranging from 16 to 28W owns various dimming modes such as DALI DT6, DALI DT8, 0-10V, Triac, Zigbee and non-dimmable; its bare board design and compact size enable it to suit for standard STUCCHI housing; current adjustable via DIP switch function enables it to match light fixtures with different output powers, which is convenient for your inventory.



Ta 70℃ built-in fixed output LED driver

As the 2nd generation of Lifud track light series, this driver designed for high-end down light, spot light and track light is suitable for ambient temperature up to 70℃, about 10℃ higher than competitive products on the market. Meanwhile, its diameter is only 4.5cm, which enables it to be installed in light fixtures with limited space.



Mini flicker-free LED driver

Compared with the 1st generation, the 2nd generation has its efficiency updated, followed by complying with the latest ErP and harmonic current emissions standards. Moreover, it can pass through 25mm oblique diameter hole and is equipped with terminals for manual and convenient wiring.



Hot-sale panel light LED driver

This Lifud hot-sale AC220-240V panel light LED driver has its performance updated, followed by complying with the latest ErP and harmonic current emissions standards. Moreover, the newly-added 60W version provides more options for different application scenes.



Super-high efficiency LED driver

Specially designed for classroom lighting, this driver has its efficiency further improved, which is helpful for healthy and energy-efficient classroom lighting.



Current + power + CCT adjustable highbay driver

From the 1st gen. to the 5th gen. over the past 5 years, Lifud continues optimizing the driver’s performance, making the next series more competitive in the market. In 2022, this driver not only has its performance updated, but owns the unique appearance and the first current + power + CCT adjustable function leading the industry.



120-347Vac non-isolated highbay driver

In addition to the AC220-240V version, Lifud has launched the AC120-347V version suitable for high voltage market.



IP54 non-isolated LED driver

Through the external DIP switch module for CCT and power, the luminaire powered by this driver can enable various adjustable CCT and brightness; mini-size light sensor control integrated circuit enables its light sensor function without 12V connector, which reduces the costs of the whole light fixture and is convenient for installation; the patented technology of lower residual voltage is beneficial to the protection of LEDs.  



Ceiling fan light integrated driver

24V constant voltage DC control; energy-efficient and quiet; forward rotation and reversed rotation; warmness in winter and coolness in summer; 6 shifts for adjustable fan speed; 1/2/4-hour timing control; CCT changeable.



2023 New Products


Intelligent dimmable products

How to instantly change non-dimmable constant voltage LED driver to dimmable/tunable white/RGB/RGBW/RGBCW LED driver? How about 0-10V two-color temperature LED driver? Just follow up Lifud 2023 new products to get more details on intelligent system solutions!


High power linear non-isolated products

1000W high power; IP67 rating; high voltage input; two-stage flicker free...What breakthrough will Lifud outdoor non-isolated LED driver have in 2023? Please stay tuned!


Non-dimmable commercial lighting products

What changes will linear tri-proof light LED driver have? How to improve high-end commercial lighting LED driver?... Please follow up with Lifud official WeChat account to check how Lifud will lead the commercial lighting industry!


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