Light + LED Expo India 2022—A Must-visit Show...

The Light + LED Expo India 2022 held from November 3rd to 5th was a great success! Click here to check more information!

The Light + LED Expo India 2022 held from November 3rd to 5th was a great success. As the India’s biggest show featuring intelligent light technology and applications, this event brings together the largest players in the lighting industry to showcase their latest technologies and innovations. At the exhibition, Not only did Lifud share with numerous tycoons technical insights about LED industry, but displayed the emerging trends and technologies. And numerous visitors were drawn into Lifud booth at Hall 5, B76 & B80. 




This time, Lifud mainly showcased its constant current and constant voltage intelligent lighting solutions, including DALI-2, 0-10V, Triac, Bluetooth dimmable and tunable white LED drivers. These hot-sale compact and linear LED drivers suitable for various light fixtures such as down light, spot light, panel light, linear light, LED strip and so on consist of constant current DALI DT6 & DT8 series LF-GSDxxxYK/YG, DALI dimmable series LF-AADxxx and LF-GSDxxxYE, Bluetooth dimmable + tunable white series LF-AABxxx and LF-ABBxxx, 0-10V dimmable series LF-AAAxxx; constant voltage Triac dimmable series LF-GATxxx, Bluetooth dimmable + tunable white series LF-GAB150A/B and DALI DT6 & DT8 series LF-GSDxxxYVxxA/B.




In such a cut-throat market environment, Lifud has always been committed to providing every customer with better service and products as much as possible. Certainly, Lifud will continue adhering to the core values of technology, quality and service, striving for its global market-planning and brand-building.

For more details, please follow up MATELEC 2022 which is going to be held from November 15th to 18th in Spain.