Why Fan Light Becomes So Popular For Residential Lighting?

Recently, Lifud has launched its first "motor+lighting" 2-in-1 fan light driver. Come to get more details about it!

In recent years, fan light has been experiencing a rapid development. Not only does it own various styles on its appearance design, such as cream style, ins style and minimalistic style, but is multi-functional, including cool air blown in summer, air circulated in winter, 3-in 1 daily lighting, etc. Based on these functions, it is perfectly used to solve these two problems: the space taken up by the floor fan and the low utilization rate of the ceiling fan. In comparison with a 24H air conditioner, the fan light is power-efficient, which reduces your monthly budget on the electric charge to some extent. These are the reasons why fan light is so popular for residential lighting .  


Artistic style, European style, vintage style, childlike style, minimalistic style, ins style, etc.





The more popular the product is, the more manufacturers there are, and the bigger the product function & quality divide among different manufacturers. Then what aspects can we refer to when choosing an appropriate fan light?


Quality: quiet motor

The fan motor, fan’s core controller has a close relationship with fan’s lifetime, and its insufficient power and inferior balance incur great noise during the operation of fan light, which has an impact on the comfort of daily life. Compared with the fan light driven by AC motor, the one driven by DC motor with variable frequency is relatively quiet and more energy-efficient, and the price is slightly higher as well.



Atmosphere: dimmable & CCT changeable

As one of the main functions of fan light, lighting is worthy of consideration. Based on the premise of high efficiency and flicker-free effect, not only does the dimmable and CCT changeable function provide family members with warmness in winter and coolness in summer, but create a pleasant atmosphere for different application scenes, such as get-together, working, viewing, etc.  



Suitable for people of all ages: wind speed adjustable in multiple shifts

Why are fans indispensable? The old and the young are not suitable for a long-term stay in the air-conditioning room, but the strong wind from the fan has the tendency to incur headache. Therefore, with an aim to serve them better, the multi-shift design of the fan is supposed to be taken into consideration.



Warmness in winter & coolness in summer: forward & reversed rotations

Through the integrated design of lighting and air blowing, the fan light is no longer viewed as an electric appliance with low utilization rate. More importantly, its reversed rotation function enables us a more comfortable life in winter. In this mode, the air in the room is circulated from down to up instead of being blown for coolness, which is beneficial to reduce dryness in winter. Meanwhile, this function can enable the alternate circulation between cold air and hot air by cooperating with the air-conditioning function in summer.


Convenient operation: remote control via software

The generation Z is stepping into the family life, and smart home is more and more popular in the market. Nowadays, the fan light is not only controllable via a typical remote, but mobile software and voice speaker, etc. In this way, it is not necessary to look everywhere for the remote when needed, and it is worthwhile for those who are planning to enable smart control in their entire rooms to take into consideration.  




Safety attention

When choosing an appropriate fan light, please pay much attention to its installation design. Not only is it necessary to avoid the danger caused by falling, but to judge the overall quality. In general, the fan light can enable stable operation by cooperating with safe wire sling, screw with higher fixation, thickened hanging board, hanger ring, etc.   



Lifud 2-in-1 fan light driver

In terms of fan light, Lifud has launched its first “motor+lighting” 2-in-1 fan light driver:

Fan motor—power ranging from 24 to 33W; 24V constant voltage DC control for energy-efficiency and quietness; forward and reversed rotations for warmness in winter and coolness in summer; wind speed adjustable in 6 shifts (soft wind, comfortable wind, pleasantly cool wind, cool wind, refreshing wind & strong wind selectable); 1/2/4H multi-shift timming control

Driver for lighting—power ranging from 18 to 30W; dimmable & CCT changeable;  suitable for various lighting scenes




More features

1. Performance reliability: integrated design; high PF (﹥0.95); globally certified

2. High efficiency: triphase BLDC control; high efficiency﹥90%

3. Smart control: Wi-Fi or Bluetooth control selectable; compatible with Tuya ecology and multiple voice speakers to enable voice control

4. Convenient use: mobile software, smart digital display remote control or typical remote control selectable

5. Healthy lighting: flicker free during the whole process of dimming; excellent lighting; eye-protective

6. Easy installation: compact size; 2 installation methods (inside the light cup of ceiling fan light; at the bottom of light fixture)


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