Lifud Classroom Lighting Drivers Lighted up at 3 Schools

Lifud LED drivers applied for classroom lighting are lighted up at three schools!

Need LED drivers for general or intelligent classroom lighting? What about Lifud? 4 series of drivers designed for classroom lighting play an important role in the successful bidding of related projects. Now, are you impressed by them?


Ganzhou-Gannan Normal University


Gannan Normal University was founded in 1958, a school that attaches great importance to cultural inheritance, with more than 2.3 million books in the library. It is the contractor of China's first Confucius Institute in West Africa.


The imprint of history



Nowadays, historical culture can be passed on from generation to generation to educate people, what about those dim and flicker lights? They also can be remoulded to protect people. Therefore, it is a great honor for Lifud to participate in the renovation of library lighting in Gannan Normal University.


Before and after the library lighting renovation



In this renovation, Lifud provides 5540Pcs of the conventional classroom eye-protection and energy-saving LED driver (fluctuation depth≈0 and 92% conversion efficiency), which not only protects students' eye health, but saves energy and electricity, greatly improving the energy efficiency on the campus.


Jiaxing-Haining Chang’an Middle School


Founded in 1964, Haining Chang’an Middle School is the only junior high school in Chang’an. In terms of teaching, it concentrates on scientific and technological innovation, holding science and technology festival every year. Since its establishment, it has been awarded by various institutions.


The campus panorama




In such a high-tech atmosphere school, lighting also needs to be advanced with intelligence. In this renovation, 5568Pcs of Lifud LED drivers applied for intelligent classroom are put into use. The network distribution only costs 3 minutes, which is not only helpful to complete the project within the construction period, but improve the experience of classroom lighting.


The effect of completion



Wuhan-Wenhua Road Primary School in Jiangxia District


Wenhua Road Primary School in Jiangxia District is a full-time primary school and adopts modern technology teaching to educate students, which is aimed at stimulating children's interest in independent learning.


The spot of renovation




4 series of Lifud LED drivers applied for classroom lighting


From conventional classroom to intelligent classroom, Lifud LED drivers used for classroom lighting have been applied in more than 100,000 classrooms.


Conventional classroom LED drivers


Eye-protection and energy-saving series LF-GIFxxxYAII, is one of Lifud classical and hot-selling drivers used for classroom lighting.




Eye-protection and energy-saving series (upgrade version) LF-GIFxxxPB, is the first choice for those classroom lighting projects with strict renovation requirements because of its high conversion efficiency (92%) and low THD (≤9%).



Ten-year warranty series is the top-of-the-line driver applied for conventional classroom lighting you cannot miss!


 Intelligent classroom LED drivers


Zigbee intelligent dimming series LF-GSZxxxPC, as the intelligent-control driver designed for classroom lighting, it offers fantastic experience to users (dimming depth0.1%, dimming accuracy3%, excellent dimming smoothness and 3-minute network installation



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