GILE2021 Finished! 6 Highlights You Cannot Miss...

There are 6 highlights on Lifud booth at GILE2021, come to get more details!

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE)
 August 3rd - 6th  4.2 Hall C18

Guides on Visiting Lifud Booth

6 details you never want to miss!


①General Products: A Full set of Classroom Lighting Solution Demo

Apart from indoor commercial lighting, Lifud also plays an important part in domestic classroom lighting LED driver market. From intelligent classroom lighting system to general classroom lighting LED driver, LIFUD has deeply studied the standards and bidding requirements of classroom lighting, subsequently developed a series of classroom lighting LED driver. With differentiated functions, high performance and high-quality basis, LIFUD has assisted the installation of 100,000+ classrooms and the successful bidding of hundreds of classroom projects.





②Intelligent Products: DALI Dimming Demo

The demo room is equipped with 24 pcs of spot/down lights and 4 meters of LED strip, used with Lifud hot-sale DALI dimming and tunable white LED drivers LF-GSD020YK series (constant current) and LF-GSDxxxYV series (constant voltage). By operating the panels on the wall, you can experience the ultimate dimming depth, exceptional dimming accuracy and smooth dimming effect of Lifud’s DALI LED drivers.



③Intelligent Products: Desktop Dimming Demo

How about the dimming effects of Zigbee, DALI, 0-10V, Traic and Bluetooth products?  30 desktop demo boards are waiting for visitors to experience the dimming effect of Lifud’s all types of intelligent dimming LED drivers first-hand.








④Intelligent Products: Dimming Application on Advertising Logo 

LED driver for advertising logo, choose Lifud! There are two dimming control knobs on the front desk of Lifud booth that are used for dimming control of luminous logo "LIFUD" , from which visitors can experience the actual application effects of Lifud 0-10V dimming LED driver LF-GDExxxYV series.



⑤High-power Products: Application Experience of Plant Lighting

Lighting environment matters a lot for healthy growth of the plant. In the plant lighting application experience area, the lights used with Lifud LF-GOExxxYF series LED driver (110-240W, 0-10V/PWM/Rx dimming) provide different plants with the most suitable illumination and chromatography.



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