Lifud Application | 20000㎡ Entry-lux Space for “Urban Micro-vacation” Leading A New Way of Ideal Life

Among them, Shuiguo Onsen in Hangzhou Xintiandi, Zhejiang Province, with the cooperation of Lifud intelligent dimming driver, the 20,000 ㎡ of space reveals a unique minimalist modern and artistic beauty!

“Enjoy your life bathing in Shuiguo·Onsen”

——Shuiguo·Onsen, the third space of entry-lux for “urban micro-vacation”!



I. Light & Space


Shuiguo Onsen, a one-stop entry-lux tangquan hotel distributed in first-tier and new first-tier cities across the country, has excelled in fusing the staggered architectural lines with silent light and shadow changes to provide urban young people with a "healthy and aesthetically-pleasing living space" that fulfill our life with art. Among them, Shuiguo Onsen in Hangzhou Xintiandi, Zhejiang Province, with the cooperation of Lifud intelligent dimming driver, the 20,000 ㎡ of space reveals a unique minimalist modern and artistic beauty!



II. Light & Architecture


The staggered lines and soft light combine with each other to make the sense of sequence and extension of the building more prominent, and under the superposition of simple elements, the beauty of urban architecture is glimpsed inadvertently. Lifud C.V. DALI tunable white driver with Lutron smart systems, makes soft light & colour changing effect, giving the building different charms in different period and seasons, visually presenting the beauty of time of the building.



III. Light & Life


Hot springs, dining and sleeping areas, has irregular wall and roof design, and the light and shadow through the haze, colliding with the space to create a silent stunning, so that even in the midst of the bustling business district, Shuiguo Onsen can still bring people a tranquil and relaxing experience.



With 0.1% dimming depth and smooth flicker-free dimming effect of Lifud DALI drivers and 0-10V dimming drivers, the leisure area has created a richly layered, bright and comfortable light to enhance the warm atmosphere and make everyone feel comfortable so that the soft light everywhere, like a tangible building material, can enrich the experience of space and provide urban young people with a more free and comfortable environment for social and entertainment.



The use of lighting by Shuiguo Onsen does not even spare the detailed space for storage and changing clothes. The exquisite outline lighting created by Lifud DALI constant voltage driver makes every detail appear contracted but not simple and reveals the connotation of luxury in a low-key way.



IV. Light & Entertainment


Entertainment areas such as e-sports and movie viewing are equipped with unique technological colored linear lighting, which strongly collides with the soft and warm lighting atmosphere of other areas, making people feel as if they have traveled through the future era in one second and then start immersive games with friends.



In this project, the high compatibility, 93% ultra-high efficiency, 0.1% dimming depth, and smooth flicker-free of Lifud intelligent drivers allow nearly 1,000 sets of DALI C.V. & C.C. driver and 0-10V C.C. drivers to match perfectly with the Lutron system to achieve the perfect fusion of lighting and architecture, which makes “Shuiguo Onsen” an internet celebrity with its own beauty filter, letting customers turn into a fashion blockbuster with just a snap!



Need driver  Choose Lifud


Lifud intelligent driver line has full dimming solutions such as DALI/PUSH, Triac, 0-10V/Rx/PWM and wireless drivers, which can provide the market with full-scene lighting drivers of 1-240W down light, panel grille light, linear tri-proof, wall-washer flood light, street light, light strip, light box, etc., and have certified by CE, CB, ENEC, MM, UKCA, SAA, RCM, UL, FCC, CCC, etc.



As the Regular member of DALI Alliance, member of DALI Alliance China Focus Group (DALI-CFG), member of ZHAGA Alliance, and other senior members of professional lighting technology associations, Lifud can provide customers with not only high-quality and high-performance drivers, but also one-to-one in-depth explanation interpretation of the latest standards of intelligent dimming technology.


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