Lifud 40-1000W Non-isolated Driver Family with Stable & Reliable All-scene Application

As non-isolated solutions gradually mature, the advantages of non-isolated driver with low cost and high efficiency attract more and more outdoor and industrial lighting customers to choose non-isolated solutions as the whole light fixture solution. The most remarkable inquiry situation is at GILE2023 in June that more than 90% of foreign trade customers would inquire about non-isolated driver solutions for high bay lighting, street lighting, stadium lighting, flood lighting, wall lighting and other lighting after they came to Lifud’s booth.



So what are the Lifud high-power non-isolated solutions? Please follow me to take a look at the two major non-isolated driver families of Lifud!


I. 40-1000W Non-isolated Linear Driver


Lifud non-isolated linear driver is divided into two series of 100-277Vac and 120-347Vac with multiple dimming methods like non-dimming, 3-in-1 dimming, dimming+12V AUX and DALI dimming, and with full range power of 40-1000W to achieve all-scene application of high bay light, street light, shoebox light, flood light, lawn light, stadium light, wall light, etc.


▼Lifud Non-isolated Linear Driver Family Tree



And the maximum efficiency of this non-isolated linear driver family is up to 97%, which can effectively reduce the project’s later lighting operation cost. At the same time, we have the patent of leakage protection, which can effectively protect the light in the circuit and quickly locate the problem light to reduce the maintenance cost!


▼Lifud Non-isolated Linear Driver



2. 120-240W Non-isolated UFO Driver Family


For round high bay light, Lifud also has two series of 100-277Vac and 120-347Vac with global certifications of CE, CB, ENEC, RCM, UKCA, CCC, FCC, UL to meet global export needs of lights. Specific functional branches are as follows:


▼Lifud Non-isolated UFO Driver Family Tree


From the 1st to 5th generation, Lifud constantly upgrades the non-isolated UFO driver solution in response to market feedback, solving application pain points and leading the industry. As the first non-isolated UFO driver with CCT+Power+Current adjustable, the 5th generation of Lifud non-isolated UFO driver effectively reduce the pressure of customer inventory cost pressure and optimize light fixture’s SKU with multiple functions design, facilitating the sales management of terminal channel and fast project delivery!


▼Lifud Non-isolated UFO of the 5th generation



All these above are Lifud non-isolated driver solutions: Round/Linear available, 40-1000W power available, 100-277Vac/ 120-347Vac available, non-dimming/ 3-in-1 dimming/ dimming+12V AUX/DALI dimming available, IP54/IP65/IP67 available and with global certifications of CE, CB, ENEC, RCM, UKCA, CCC, FCC, UL!


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