Pioneer Design—CCT + Current +Power Adjustable UFO Highbay Driver

Lifud new CCT + current + power adjustable UFO highbay driver has made its first appearance at GILE2022! Today's delivery will drive all your confusions about this LED driver away!

In retrospect of 2017, Lifud applied non-isolated design to its LED driver for the first time, creating its 1st gen. of non-isolated high bay LED driver leading the market. This time, Lifud 5th gen. of this LED driver, the first CCT + current + power adjustable UFO highbay driver in LED industry made its first appearance at GILE2022. Numerous visitors were attracted by this pioneer design.


“The design is pretty awesome”, “DIP switch is convenient for operation”, “It helps us reduce much inventory cost”...

At GILE2022, we received multiple comments from visitors after they experienced the DIP switch in person.


SKUs reduced & fast delivery service

The output current (power) of this pioneer LED driver can be adjusted via a DIP switch first, and precisely adjusted via the nearby potentiometer; its CCT is adjustable via another DIP switch. This innovative design is helpful for clients to set their warehouses free.  



Lower residual voltage to protect LED beads

This LED driver has stronger anti-surge ability (6kV/6kV) and lower residual voltage (<2kV). And the patented technology of low residual voltage is beneficial for the protection of LED beads.  


More functions & the best choice for industrial lighting

In addition to the above functions, this LED driver has the following extra features:

  • Equipped with 12V AUX power supply
  • Dim to off without afterglow
  • High efficiency up to 96%
  • Flicker free
  • Complies with the latest ErP and DLC standards
  • ENEC, CE, CB, RCM, UL and FCC certified
  • 5-year warranty

It is not necessary to certify the light fixtures powered by the 4th gen. of Lifud UFO highbay drivers again when replacing with the 5th gen. And the time and cost for certification can be saved in this way.


Dim to off without afterglow (optional)



12V AUX power supply (optional & 3 wiring methods)





Application: industrial lighting



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