Never Too Late to Apply Intelligent Control in Industrial Lighting!

There is a saying goes: do more in less time. But how can we enable this? Maybe you need an intelligent control factory!

Is the operation and maintenance cost of enterprise lighting too high?

Do you have to turn on all the lights in the workshop only for the operation of one production line?

Are you feeling inconvenient to turn on and off the lights for the night inspection?


The above problems can be easily solved by building an intelligent lighting factory! Nowadays, there is another production base lighted up by Lifud industrial lighting LED driver with a Tuya smart module—APTIV Electric System (Jiangmen) Co., Ltd..



In this project, Guangdong ELX lighting Technology Co., Ltd., an enterprise which once helped with the lighting projects of various well-known production bases such as Vinda International Holdings Ltd., China Lesso Group Holdings Limited, Great Wall Motor Company Limited, Hisense Group Co., Ltd, MASTER KONG HOLDINGS CO., LTD. and so on, is mainly responsible for providing the overall project with intelligent lighting solutions, and Lifud cooperates with ELX, offering LED drivers to the project.  



In terms of the intelligent control in this project, Lifud 0-10V dimmable non-isolated LED driver LF-FHB120YD is used to enable 0-100% intelligent dimming function towards different sections, different production lines and even different points inside the whole workshop. And it not only can realize accurate control on the equipment in the production base according to natural illuminance at different times and working conditions in different production areas, but reduce the lighting operation and maintenance cost in the factory.


Lifud LED driver LF-FHB120YD series is equipped with a 12V auxiliary connector that is used for connecting to Tuya SaaA platform to enable the intelligent induction function that the lights automatically turn on when someone comes to the workshop. And it is not only convenient for the night inspection of operators, but is beneficial to build humanized factory with features of high energy efficiency, green and environmental protection and comfortable environment.


Need industrial lighting LED driver, choose Lifud!


LF-FHBxxxYx is Lifud non-isolated industrial lighting LED driver and has various versions such as non-dimmable version, 3-in-1 dimming version, 3-in-1 dimming +12V version, DALI dimmable version and so on. Besides, this LED driver has been globally certified by ENEC, CE, CB, RCM, FCC, UL, CCC, etc., which means that it can be universally applied in domestic and overseas industrial lighting market.



- High efficiency up to 96%

- Can be dimmed to off without afterglow

- Adjustable output current via a potentiometer and a DIP switch

- Residual voltage <2kV to protect the aluminum substrate of light fixture

- Flicker free


In addition, Lifud has developed linear industrial lighting non-isolated LED driver LF-Fxx series, and this series has non-dimmable version, 3-in-1 dimming version, 3-in-1 dimming + 12V version and an additional light sensor version that can be connected to a DIP switch module for adjustable power and CCT. In this way, Lifud is in a position to help the clients who have the demand for light sensor function reduce their purchasing cost.


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