One Thing Makes Your Light Design Different

Use of LED strip in light design

Buildings and space have totally different charm in day and night.

In daytime, the beauty of buildings comes from their design of environment, walls, material and etc. While as the world darkened, the light takes center stage and vests the buildings an illusion color.


In light design, in addition to the atmosphere beauty of accent lighting from down light and spot light, there is also another light, which can be hidden in every corner, giving space the beauty of layer, outline and flexibility.

That is LED strip.

Hidden in the corner, the LED strip creates a minimalist but exquisite style through smooth and fluent linear light. In the light design, the LED strip can not only supplement the lighting for the environment, increase indirect lighting, but also greatly enhance the beauty of the space.

Now let’s see how it makes the design better in different application.


1. On the ground

The LED strip can not only separate the various areas to make the space clear-cut, increase the auxiliary lighting for the corridor stairs to bring a sense of security, but also make the space more flexible seemingly through the lighting decoration at the bottom of the bed or cabinet.


The light at the bottom of the cabinet makes the kitchen more lively.


The light seems to dance with your movement.


Outdoors, the design with LED strip presents marvelous scene.


Gentle but not dazzling, light in the rooms brings a sense of security at night.


2. On the wall

The contrast of bright and dark and the collision of virtual and real make the space simple but rich in stereoscopic feeling. The combination of LED strip and wall gives the building a different artistic sense and elegant temperament.

Bright and dark, white and black


The collision between the beauty of geometry and the beauty of light


Art enters life


Light makes a sense of technology


3. On the ceiling

Ceiling is undoubtedly the most important source of lighting in the whole space. How to make the space soft, bright and full of sentiment to achieve the balance between lighting and art? Whether it is to use small and ingenious recessed lights to create no main lamp lighting, or to use gorgeous and elegant chandeliers to create traditional lighting, the LED strip is their best partner.


Create your own galaxy in the house


The ceiling with densely distributed down lights can be segmented artistically by the LED strip.


4. On the cabinet

From the ground to the top, the LED strip seems to be connected with the wall design.But actually, its greater advantage lies in weakening the sense of closeness of the space, so that hidden corners can also shine.

Wardrobe, bookshelf, closet... The combination of LED strip and cabinet is not only decoration, but also greatly improves the basic lighting of dark corner.


The above is just a few examples, the use of LED strip is far more than that.

Especially, when the dimming function and tunable white function of light can be added in the design, the LED strip will play a greater role. It can switch between functional lighting and ornamental light as needed, combining functional lighting, energy conservation, environmental protection with space aesthetics perfectly.


For example, Lifud DALI constant voltage tunable white series LF-GSDxxxYV can achieve 0.1% deep dimming and excellent flicker free dimming effect. Using lights with LF-GSDxxxYV, the space can realize various lighting effect to meet different needs.


Power: 75-150W

Output Voltage: 12/24V

Dimming: DALI, Push (with memory function)

Version: A:dimmable & tunable white; B: dimmable

Dimming depth: 0.1%

THD: ≤10%(can be used in application that has precision instrument or strict requirement for THD)

Dimming curve: logarithmic curve or linear curve (can be compatible with different dimmer to achieve smooth dimming)



Application: LED strip


Light is an important element of human life;

Beauty is the eternal pursuit of mankind.

How to use the dimming function to give different beauty to lights, buildings and life?

This is a question of science and art!

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