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Lifud Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise which aspires to be the world’s leading supplier of LED driver and intelligent system solution.

Since the establishment of Lifud in 2007, it has been adhering to the core value of “integrity, responsibility and dedication” and put them into practice. Moreover, it is committed to technological innovation, developing energy-saving, healthy and environmental products to achieve the mission of improving the human living environment and the quality of people’s life and the long-term vision of making energy more efficient and cleaner.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Lifud is crown as the national new high-tech enterprise. It has 180 authorized personnel engaged in technical research and product development and has been maintaining the cooperations and exchanges with scientific research institutions and institutions of higher education, including Fuzhou University and Southwest Jiaotong University. Besides, it has established UL, DALI certification laboratories and CNAS laboratory and 100 acres of industrial park for its own LED driver development and customer supporting service.

Over the past 15 years, all staffs in Lifud have been forging ahead with determination and hard work. Through leading technology, high-quality LED drivers and intimate service, Lifud has been continuously creating value for over 10000 clients around the world. In addition, Lifud has attained multiple certificates, including the latest “ISO9001:2015” Quality Management System Certificate, “ISO14001:2015” Environmental Management System Certificate and Intellectual Property Management System Certificate and various honorary titles and awards such as "Sichuan Provincial Technology Center", "Guangdong Provincial Engineering Technology Center", “Guangdong Famous brand”, “Sichuan famous brand”, “National ‘Specialized, Fine, Unique and Innovative’ Small Giant Enterprise”, “Gaogong Annual Best Employer”, “TOP10 Global Competitiveness of China’s LED Driver Enterprises" and so on.

It is Lifud’s supreme pursuit that is to be a century-old enterprise lighting up one third of the world and building a world-class independent brand with mutual benefit and common growth with its clients.

Technology: adhere to technological innovation for developing competitive products

● Cooperate with Fuzhou University to work on frontier research projects in the field of electronic technology

● Independently design two-in-one master chips, DDM01 dimming chips, etc.

● Established the second R&D center in Chengdu to specialize in intelligent system technology

● Theoretical research + application innovation + supply chain integration to continually support technological innovation

● Invested millions of CNY for new equipment to build environment / safety-standard / EMC / intelligent system testing labs

● Magnetic integration technique—the revolutionary and innovative patent leads the world, and the developed products won the Best Product Award of LpS Digital

Quality: meticulous design + rigorous test + strict management + sophisticated equipment

● Brought in the IPD management system 

● BCA+PD+EVT+DVT+PVT conducted design review and test verification at each stage: 100+ testing items

● Double tests of accelerating the lifetime of the LED driver—80℃ 2000 hrs burn-in test and "double 85“ test

● All the core components are supplied by famous brands

● Automated production processes such as SMT, AI, potting, burn-in and so on to ensure the consistency of LED driver’s quality

● AOI and ATE automatic testing systems are fully applied to ensure manual inspection tests.

● The burn-in test for all the LED drivers of Lifud to ensure the reliability

Service: customized service to achieve 100% satisfaction

● Provide VIP clients with professional and customized service

● Established overseas service outlets to solve after-sales problems on the site

● Cooperate with clients in business public relations and assist them in obtaining orders

● Arranged reliable direct selling service team and FAE technical team in each region of China to response to the demands of customers in China within 24 hours

● Various LED driver models, sufficient stock of finished drivers, spot sales

● Customize for different clients

Lifud Technology Co., Ltd.

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Add: Building B, Kutto Industrial Park  No.26 Xinhe Road, Xinqiao Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China