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  • Product name LF-GIR060YJ
  • Product description Isolated LED driver designed for class II LED luminaires;
  • 产品描述2 Input voltage AC220-240V for regional market including Europe, South East Asia, China, etc.
  • 产品描述3 and the max input voltage range AC180-264V;
  • 产品描述4 Output power 37-63W, DC voltage range 27-42V;
  • 产品描述5 Active PFC, high PF (PF>0.97@AC230V), high efficiency (up to 90%), low THD (≤18%);
  • 产品描述6 Meet the ERP standards after being installed inside finished LED lights;
  • 产品描述7 Surge protection: 1KV;
  • 产品描述8 Long lifetime non-dimmable version;
  • 产品描述9 Nominal lifetime above 100,000 hours, 10 years warranty;
  • 产品描述10 Applied for panel lights, down lights, tube lights applications.
  • Housing properties Casing: polycarbonate, UL V-0 fireproof, white;
  • 性质2 Type of protection IP20, screw terminal design;
  • 性质3 Size 163 x 56 x 29.5 mm

Full model number DC Pout(W) AC Vin(V) DC Vout(V) DC Iout (mA) Typ. efficiency Typ. PF Typ. THD Certifications
LF-GIR060YJ1400H 37.8~58.8 220-240 27-42 1400 89%(230Vac) 0.97(230Vac) ≤18% ENEC/TUV_GS/
LF-GIR060YJ1500H* 40.5~63 220-240 27-42 1500 90%(230Vac) 0.97(230Vac) ≤18% ENEC/TUV_GS/
Model number Driver's size per pc Weight per pc. Carton size Qty per carton Weight per carton
LF-GIR060YJxxxxH 163 x 56 x 29.5 mm 200g 39 x 29 x 21 cm 48pcs 10.6kg

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