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New development, New model, New product

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—Lifud new product launch conference ended successfully

On March 21st, the “New Business Model with the development of commercial lighting” was successfully held in the State Guest Hall on the 11th Floor of the Star Alliance in Zhongshan. The conference was co-held by Ou Guang Lighting 4S shop, GR Optics and Lifud. More than 300 outstanding company representatives, CCTV and some other news outlets have attended.

Scene From the Event

At the press conference, Feng Dan, head of the brand promoting department in Lifud, briefly analyzed the current status of the lighting industry under the new situation, and explained why Lifud can develop steadily, and quickly enter Zhong Shan market, and introduced to the audience the latest Lifud spring products.

Ms. Feng from Lifud giving a keynote speech

What are the requirements for parts suppliers under the new situation? Feng Dan mentioned that in the background of consumption upgrades, significant number of projects order in Zhongshan market, and the pressure of small profit margin. Only companies with strict quality control, on time delivery, rapid response, effective cost reduction method can survive from this.

Under the pressure of the harsh industry situation, why can Lifud be able to develop steadily and flourish? Feng Dan believes that this is the result of Lifud’s correct brand strategy, and effective execution of the strategy. Lifud has achieved technological innovation oriented efficiency improvement and cost reduction.

Lifud new product release

Feng Dan explained that Lifud’s brand position is “Leading LED Power Supply and Intelligent system provider” and striving to achieve comprehensive customer value leadership: more specifically, leadership in technology, product quality, service and delivery time...

Product display

In order to fulfill its commitment, Lifud encourages all its employees to learn and understand Lifud’s core brand values: Technology, Quality, Service”;

Lifud’s effort in realizing these core values:

Technology: more than 5% sales revenue is invested in research and development every year, R&D team has expanded to more than 80 people . It has 9 invention patents, more than 60 patents of various kinds, in house UL authorized laboratories and DALI certified laboratories.There are an average of 15 series, hundreds of models of new products developed every year.

Quality: A quality management team of 40+ people has been built up, 12 inspection check point and three full inspections are implemented in the production process, 340 hours of double 85 full load test, 60+ intelligent aging cabinets, some products go through 100% aging.

Service: Lifud insisted on “One customer and one strategy” policy, providing 24-hour emergency service in China, setting up offices in Zhong Shan and Eastern China, and investing RMB10 million to establish US-based and German-based overseas branches to provide efficient global service.

Only advanced enterprise management can bring excellent products. Feng Dan introduced the latest products from the three product divisions of Lifud (High Power Division, Intelligent Division, General Lighting Division)-- Track light family, Indoor and outdoor high-power constant voltage / constant current series, Dali 2.0 intelligent dimming power supply, constant power emergency driver...and so on, while providing a preview of the upcoming display power supply, together with the legacy product series, this complete Led power supply category indicates Lifud’s ability and determination to provide full led lighting power supply solution.

Successful ending

In this product release conference, Mr. Zhang Cheng Zhi and Mr. He Longzhong from Ou Guang Lighting, together with Mr. Zhongjie from GR Optics, also gave their reports on the solution to the development in commercial lighting and their latest popular products. 

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