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Lifud Brings Whole Category of LED Drivers to Domestic Market

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On January 10th, Qianhai Bay Lighting Forum, which is exclusively named by Lifud, sponsored by Shenzhen Lighting and Display Engineering Industry Association, concluded successfully on the second floor of Dayhello International Hotel. Four major forums and associations: Future Technology In SSL Lighting, Smart City and Intelligent Lighting, International Led Procurement Festival, LED Display Co-cooperation, also have their annual meetings successfully held in the mean time. Let us dive into details of this spectacular gathering.

At 10 o'clock in the morning, Third plenary meeting of the seventh China Lighting Society Semiconductor Lighting Technology and Application Committee, including industry big names, government officials, association leaders, etc took the lead. Mr. Fan Yong, Chairman of Lifud, was invited to present opinions at the meeting, and discuss the development of industry technology with the participants.

                                                                                                                                                               Mr. Fan giving speech

The award ceremony of the Qianhai Bay Landscape Lighting Forum and Lighting Project Award, with Lifud as its exclusive title sponsor, was officially unveiled at 14:00. Wang Tian, Zheng Jianwei and Du Jianxiang, founders of Qing Mei Daohe Visual Design , Light Story and Dasheng Environmental Art respectively, gave dazzlingly brilliant speeches about lighting and design aesthetics. Li Yang Co., Ltd. also presented us with landscape lighting data of 2018.

                                                                                                                                    Vice Chairman Paul Chow salute during national anthem

As finale show, Lifud’s new year present to all industry partners is a “big red envelope” of 657,000,000 yuan valuation. How to get this big red envelope? Let's take a look at how Li Jinhua, marketing manager of Lifud, distributes this windfall?

Energy saving and environmental protection, are the main contribution of led lighting. Li Jinhua made a rough estimate for everyone: Based on network data: by 2018, the number of street lighting in China has reached 40 million, if every street light illuminates 10 hours a day, with wattage of 150w for instance, if the efficiency of each light is increased by 3%. Based on 1 yuan per kWh, LED street light can save ¥657,000,000 yuan in one year. Bear in mind that this is only the data for street lighting, other segments such as landscape lighting are not included.

                                                                                                                                                                Mr. Li explaining how to achieve this “big red envelop”

How do you increase luminaire efficiency by another 3%? We know that the average led power efficiency is a little above 80%, and the better one can reach up to 91-92%. Lifud has been adhering to the principle of "Making energy use more efficient and cleaner”, after years of research and development, we finally improved the efficiency for high-power driver from 92 % to 95%, through the creative adoption of patented non isolation design, which in the meantime also eliminates the doubts about non-isolated driver’s safety issue.

Taishan FHBxxxYA/B series, to which this high efficiency non-isolated design has been applied, won the award for innovation in the Lighting engineering ceremony. This is the second technological innovation award that the product has won since its debut.

At the same time, Lifud has been deeply involved in LED lighting industry for over ten years. With Quality, Service and Technology as its core values, adhering to brand independence and devoting itself to technological innovation. Lifud’s influence resulted from driving the industry's technology has been duly observed by industry peers, that is why Lifud was awarded the honorary title of "40 influential enterprises and 40 influential people in 40 years’ reform and opening up" in this annual meeting of the industry association.

In this annual event, Lifud also showcased its latest products for all industry partners present, such as DALI and Zigbee solution, drivers for applications in Industrial and high-power, Constant voltage, Led Display and Commercial lighting...  

At the event, in the spirit of 100% service, the technical team led by Chairman Paul Chow patiently answered questions for customers, paper and pencil gift bags for customers are provided for better participation experience.                                                             

                                                                                                                                                    Paul answering questions for customer            

                                                                                                                                                                   Technical team helping customers

12 years of experience, 12 years of R & D, Lifud brings to domestic market with a whole category of led drivers. We will provide great value for all domestic customers with excellent quality, perfect service and continuous innovation. Time flies, while future can be wonderful.

 In 2019, Lifud will venture out again with a firmer attitude, achieve synergy with all partners.

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