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Download the Zigbee APP

Date:2018-07-18 18:59


There are 2 APP options for controlling zigbee system.

     APP 1: named “Wisdom House. Its mainly for controlling smart devices of the whole house. It supports many device types. It’s suggested to use this APP for general application.

     APP 2: named “LIFUD . It’s mainly for sync-dim function in the classroom, office, etc. It supports devices like light fixtures, dimmers, etc.


Download the APP

A. APP 1

a. Android user: SmartHome” 


Download from website:




Download from QR code



The APP logo is shown as below.


Refer to the APP instruction manual. Click “local search”and then connect to the smart gateway.


b. IOS user: Search Wisdom House in the APP Store. (What will be found is shown as below.)



a. Android user: Scan the QR code below.




Enter password 123 and click the green button.




APP logo


b. IOS user: Search LIFUD in the APP Store. (What will be found is shown as below.)


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