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Lifud UL Panel Light Driver Achieved Excellent Sales

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According to data from China customs in 2017, among all of the LED panel lights exported to North American market, Lifud LED drivers has gained 40% market share.  Meanwhile, Lifud independently develop its IC which enables full synchronization dimming function of multiple LED panel lights, that is Lifud M-syncDIM series, and we lead the industry from era 1.0 to era 2.0.



As we know LED driver is the heart of an LED lighting fixture, Lifud has been specialized in this industry for 10 years.  Based on our technologies accumulation, we launched our first generation UL panel light driver which integrates the LED driver and cable junction box. After that, we have several times of improvements and now M-syncDIM series is our 4th generation.  We continuously upgrade our products so as to offer customers products of higher performance and remain the same cost.  Besides, we can also offer UL certification service for our clients in our own UL/WTDP certification lab.  By using Lifud M-syncDIM series, we are sure you can gain the market initiative.


Brief introduction of Lifud upgrading:

In 2014, Lifud innovative integrated UL panel light driver came to the market;

In 2015, Lifud applied the CoolMOS in the LED driver’s design so as to greatly increase the LED driver’s efficiency and this helped a lot of clients to gain the DLC certification for their finished LED panel lights.

In 2016, Lifud is the first company to gain the Type TL/Class P certification for its UL panel light LED drivers.


When consumers apply one dimmer for multiple LED panels, the discord of these panels really bothers them because the lights’ dimming range, dimming level and their start-up time are different.  To solve this problem, Lifud set up a R&D team in 2016 and now we’ve developed our own IC by applying digital programming solution and realize the concord action of multiple LED panels.  That is to say, their dimming range, dimming level and start-up time are exactly the same and all lights go together when the dimmer gives any signal.  Besides, this IC also ensures the LED driver to connect smart modules when there is a necessity.


Our 4th generation M-syncDIM LF-GMDxxxYC had been launched into market in August 2017. And we are happy to enter the era 2.0 of panel lights with more and more clients.

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