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Made a Great Breakthough on DALI Driver!

Writer:LIFUDDate:2017-05-27 09:16
In May 26, 2017, LIFUD’s DALI 2 driver LF-GSD040YA has passed the testing of DALI cetificate. From now on, you can learn more information about LIFUD’s DALI product on the DALI official website, www. dali-ag.org.
DALI is the abbreviation for “Digital Addressable Lighting Interface”. Due to the growth of LED, the increasing demand for energy saving and growing awareness of lighting control systems, DALI has become more important than ever before. Today, with almost 160 international members, DALI is a global, international standard for professional digital lighting and therefore worldwide registered trademark.
DALI offers several particluar benefits comparing to other lighting control systems. DALI offers easy planning, lower costs and interoperability. It is the most flexible and reliable control system for innovative lighting solutions. 
That’s why DALI dimmable products are growing greatly. LIFUD has lauched DALI drivers several years ago based on the standards of DALI 1. With the updating standards of DALI 2, LIFUD also paid much attention to updating our own product. Here, LIFUD thanks to the effort of our R&D team and all LED friends.
*  Applicable to Class I and Class II LED luminaires
*  DALI dimming function meets the standards of IEC 62386-101, 102, 207
*  Compatible with 0-10V/ Rx/ PWM dimming
*  Push-Dim (can support max. 8 units drivers to achieve simultaneous dimming) 
*  Dip Switch  (350mA to 1050mA and can be modulated)
*  Flicker-free, flicker coefficient < 0.5%
*  High efficiency 87%, high PF (>0.95@230Vac)
*  Work in -30℃~+90℃
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