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Outdoor Party Time

Writer:LIFUDDate:2017-04-20 09:21

In order to create a healthy and friendly environment for all staff, LIFUD held an outdoor party on last Saturday, climbing competition, 

BBQ, playing games etc..


During climbing competition, all teams showed their unique team spirit under the guide of their leaders. Finally, Yellow Team won this 

competition with only 7.2 minutes and their powerful style. 


After the climbing, all staff prepared food for BBQ together so that we can enjoy the BBQ time immediantely, tasting the goods, sharing 

own stories with others, playing games, singing, dancing... What a wonderful time for all people. 


LIFUD strongly believes that a good enterprice should provide a family-like and healthy environment for his staff, which can prompt 

their work efficiency.  In future, LIFUD will continue to organizing more and more activities for rest and relaxation.



LIFUD Family (Shenzhen Office)




Enjoying the BBQ

Come on, LED friends!  Join us. 

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